Experience a fundamentally new consciousness, bring awareness, inspiration and insight into talents, possibilities and blockages in your work life
Whether you are happy and successful in your work is largely determined by the extent to which your work is your passion and how comfortable you are in your role. By reflecting, I will coach you to get a new perspective on yourself and your career. People’s gifts and areas of interest are not always clear to them. We will create your motivation profile in order to gain insight into what you need and how you can give direction to your potential and how you balance this with your service to the larger whole.

Your unique blueprint
Your unique blueprint shows the way in which you are able to manifest your greatest happiness. Your blueprint will become visible in your coaching. It concerns an internal and external orientation that gives you answers. The focus is on your blueprint, qualities, passion, mission and vision and practical steps you can take to manifest your dream job. I will hold up a mirror to you, so that you can reflect exactly on where you are missing out and how you can achieve sustainable results.

Redesign your life into the life you have always wanted
Where necessary, we redesign your life into the life you have always wanted, as I am dedicated to supporting you in realizing your mission. Focussing is a sharpened perception, in which you can observe yourself by the method of mirroring and reflection. Here, in this sharpened perception, you can observe yourself. Evading or fleeing is almost impossible.

Side issues disappear, as does the mental noise. The busy mind is seen through; your disbelief systems, and physical and mental defense programs relinquished. You will also perceive and feel your (un)conscious feelings and emotions. This process leads to the release of unwanted patterns and the processing of emotions and feelings. Through this, an opportunity is created to look at yourself and situations differently for new possibilities.

Mind, heart and action addressed
The real breakthrough and a transformational change arise, because the mind, heart and action are addressed. It is an important key to self-empowerment and success. The effect of coaching is a great gift for your work life! Underneath you will find a short view of the results.

Results, among other..

  1. Creating more clarity in the mind to better focus energy toward projects and life.
  2. Rediscovering your inner voice and developing the trust to listen to its coaching.
  3. The ability to see each moment as a lesson.
  4. How to develop more meaningful relationships within your personal life.
  5. Learning to navigate relationships and grow together.
  6. How to work through mental fears and physical blocks toward your passions.
  7. Learning that you are worthy enough to create your own reality.
  8. The processing of traumas and emotions stored in the body to help you better embrace life.
  9. Having more mental stillness and awareness so you can discover what your true self wants, and desires are.
  10. Letting go of limiting beliefs and negative self-treatment.
  11. In learning more compassion for yourself your capacity to love and accept others grows.
  12. Embracing your own strength and truth.
  13. Discovering your own purpose for this life.
  14. Learning to walk your truth and to trust in the life changes that happen when you begin to walk your path.
  15. How to shift your actions to align with your higher self and begin to flow in life.
  16. How to trust in your passions to be abundant in supporting your both physically, mentally and emotionally.
  17. Feeling worthy that your dreams and desires are valid even when others may not agree or deem impossible.
  18. Learning to broaden your horizons creatively to explore other skills and passion.
  19. Discovering that by spending time working on yourself you have the capacity to interact more with your world.
  20. Re-discovering your authentic voice.
  21. How to use blocks, lessons and so-called failures to help your growth forward.
  22. How to maintain or grow your position, despite being held back or undermined by yourself, others, by the nature of your sexuality (male or female).

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