To bring awareness, inspiration and insight to the talents, possibilities and blockades in your personal life
Whether you lead a balanced and meaningful life is largely determined by the degree in which you live the life that suits you. Through mirroring and reflecting, I assist you in obtaining a new perspective on yourself and your life. You will see how you can balance your life more by answering the essential questions. The focus is on your blueprint, desires, qualities, passion, mission and vision and practical steps you can take, to bring your life to the next level. By openly and sincerely recognizing and communicating your needs, desires and opportunities, you will see that your environment becomes a reflection of what is important to you.

Your unique blueprint

In your Life Strategy Plan, we will focus on your personal life. Sometimes it can be unclear to you what you want and can do in life. Not all information might be directly accessible to you from your current consciousness. I will support you to start focussing in an unique way that will lift you up, into more clarity. Your unique blueprint shows the way in which you are able to manifest your greatest happiness. The blueprint will become visible in our coaching. I will hold up a mirror to you, so that you can reflect exactly on where you are missing out and how you can achieve sustainable results.

Redesign your life into the life you have always wanted

Where necessary, we redesign your life into the life you have always wanted, as I am dedicated to supporting you in realizing your mission. During the coaching you will explore the method ‘focussing’. Focussing is a sharpened perception, in which you can observe yourself by the method of mirroring and reflection. A sharper focus is created by focusing your attention on one point. Here, in this sharpened perception, you can observe yourself. Evading or fleeing is almost impossible. Side issues disappear, as does the mental noise. The busy mind is seen through; your disbelief systems, and physical and mental defense programs relinquished. You will also perceive and feel your (un)conscious feelings and emotions. This process leads to the release of unwanted patterns and the processing of emotions and feelings.

Mind, heart and action addressed
Through this, an opportunity is created to look at yourself and situations differently from new possibilities. The real breakthrough and a transformational change arise, because the mind, heart and action are addressed. It is an important key to self-empowerment and success. The effect of coaching is a great gift for your everyday life! Underneath you will find a short view of the results.

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Results of Life Strategy coaching, among other…

  1. Clarity of mind helps prioritizing work life.
  2. As you begin to work on yourself you begin to trust in your abilities more toward achieving your ideal working position.
  3. How to focus on the business venture you want without getting attached to money and expectations along the way.
  4. How to let go of mental blocks toward achieving your dream.
  5. How to remain centered and not embody overwhelm when looking at your big plan.
  6. How to align your health with your working environment so as not to be operating from a state of stress and fear.
  7. Discover what fears and blocks you have toward success and believing in yourself.
  8. Discover what attachments you have to your work image and wealth that may be clouding your true nature and potential.
  9. Learning to ask and receive help that can assist you in reaching higher states of your potential.
  10. Learning how to balance your career and personal life.
  11. Understanding the limits, you are creating so you can excel beyond them.
  12. Learning to set realistic and timely goals that allow you to both love the process along the way and ultimately reach them without stress.
  13. How to embrace failures and blocks along the way as lessons for growth.
  14. How to align your true values with your work life to feel both fulfilled and financially supported.
  15. How to embrace abundance without feeling as though you are not deserving.
  16. How to validate your own voice and ask for what you feel your worth is.
  17. How to maintain or grow, despite being held back or undermined (by yourself, others, by the nature of your sexuality or your gender.