Wataflow is an aquatic body work. It is not only a water massage, but also a deep, beautiful healing journey that allows you to relax and get clear insights. You learn to listen in a refined way to your body and inner signals. Emotional, mental and physical blockages are released. Traumas are solved. The Wataflow is a dance in the water.

In a safe and gradual movement, your body and mind learn what natural relaxation and breathing are. Every session is often being experienced as a deep rebirth. It supports you to be more confident, centered and free in life. A Wataflow session helps you with questions in the areas of: love, inner peace, security, power / powerlessness, intimacy, limits, hypersensitivity, talent and career, money, body and health, relationships, study, personal and business leadership, soul destination, meaning and spirituality. Each session is a unique experience. 

Wataflow is performed in a one-to-one water session in a (heated) swimming pool, lake or sea. You will mainly float on the water.

In a session, I exercise, stretch and massage your body. Through the water and the movements, your mind will be less active and your body relaxes. I look at the subtle changes that are going on in you. Together we create a safe space in which you can experience yourself. A Wataflow session usually takes 1.5 to 2 hours. We spend a large part of the time in the water. There is also room for questions and division.

For more information or to make an appointment, I invite you to send your message to info@sandrabucher.com.