• 24 december 2019

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A beautiful Christmas and Happy New Year to you!

The holidays are a great time to collaborate and enjoy each other! And for some of us it could also be a challenging time. Words are bubbling through me and would love to share them with you….

It is visible that treating ourselves, others, our planet with honoring and respect is a challenging class of consciousness for many of us.

It is to understand that we all experience our human, humanity and soul perspective in different ways, because we have a unique blueprint and organized (karmic) life to evolve from into our self-realization.

Are you aware of your Essence, your highest potential?

When we become more conscious, we will remember how to be sincere with ourselves and each other to realize an authentic exploration of life. By investigating and act upon our responsibilities, we stay balanced. We become an independent and fully grown being, with our unique Gifts manifested. We are able to look after our (inner) children, and balance our (inner) marriage: our woman, our man. Can you imagine how this will empower us? Not only our individuality, but the whole creation we are part of?

We came as a human group, therefore I feel the importance of doing it together. Everyone has a talent, a Gift, knowledge to be shared and to upgrade Life with. We experience ourselves as the Gift, when we trust ourselves of being the Gift and being able to share ourselves freely without the fear of losing our innocence.

The more we are open to share ourselves without fear, the easier we overcome attachments and entanglements. Attachments and entanglements are showing us that we are afraid and aren’t acknowledging our inner powers. We need this special other to exist, is what we are thinking. But is that entirely true?

Not being a healthy Earth, a healthy human kind, we may acknowledge that we are falling in and out of our highest alignments. There are influences from humans, planets, other intelligences….. Much is unfolding and is challenging our human to undergo the evolution within our nature.

Instead of judging ourselves or each other, let’s embrace our ‘falling in and out’ and know that we are insightful and resourceful enough to always come back to our center. It’s just a matter of time. The more we stay present in the Now moment, taking care, the more we will lengthen our highest alignment.

There will be no need to work with divorced mental forces like the will power only… but we will be able to co-create with an open heart, wise thinking, a joyful and healthy body and in co-creation with the Whole, when we surrender to our greatness. Does this sound like walking our path in beauty? Are we able to inspire each other and become aware of the opportunities, and dare to walk and talk our unique beauty?

Walking in beauty means to me also acknowledging and accepting our shadows, that will support us to evolve and align. Embracing all that we are, is very empowering for our being. Because when we are exploring, inquiring or are (actively/passively) meditating with our shadows, we are living and accepting our fullness. We unwrap ourselves into more authenticity and more freedom to enjoy life!

Setting regularly detailed intentions, has led into many incredible (working) assignments through my life. I have been very successful from a young age already with naturally attracting and completing projects with channeling universal guidance, reading, coaching and healing work. My heart’s focus and being observed (experienced) in my unique Gift are the keys to attract assignments. And this is possible for everyone….

There have also been periods in my life, when it was challenging to ground my energy and Gifts. Being a very high-sensitive woman and having mediumistic qualities, offered me a challenge when entanglements (quantum confusion) were happening.

As I experience, we all consist of small subatomic particles. Our subatomic particles can mix with the subatomic particles of another. With ‘quantum confusion’ we get entangled. That happens when we do not remain at our own center and operate from our unique focus. We can literally get confused or remain indecisive when another feels an opposing desire and we merge through a sensitivity and become influenced by this. This pattern starts mainly in our younger years. We would like to be part of our family and other group structures and we surrender our individuality for being together. We operate as what we think the collective field or this other person is asking from us. In this case we are not operating from our unique perspective anymore. Our thinking, behavior and feelings are changing. We might act more from the perspective of the ego and fear and ‘think’ that we are losing our innocence.

How are we able to love ourselves to the fullest, when this separation is unfolding? How are we able to attract abundance and be successful when we lose our heart’s focus and are not able to be observed in our unique human Gift?

A new phase of adulthood and self-love will arise, when we acknowledge the patterns. Acceptance and honoring our processes, and experiencing our vulnerability and self-protection systems of the Ego, is the only way to get back in our heart center again. Alignment, operating from ourselves, will be our success!

Profound daily life experiences offer me teaching in this. I feel this action of clarifying and taking responsibility for my unique focus, as a major Gift to myself. It has upgraded my life extremely into more love, freedom and peace.

I wish you a beautiful Christmas and joyful New Year! Stay in tune with yourself, being around your beloveds and meeting new ones. Love the uniqueness that you could offer your relations. Be the Gift to yourself and others.

With much love and gratitude for walking the path of beauty on Earth. I hope our paths will cross.

If you have any questions or want to share, please send a message to info@all-of-life.nl.

With embracement.

Sandra Bucher

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