Down below you will find the success stories of others. If you also want to leave a testimonial after you have experienced a trajectory with Golden Management Advice, please follow this link.

” My advice is to everyone take this opportunity to improve your life! We all want and do healthy living and working, but sometimes we need advice to improve our living and behavioral patterns. This is a very beautiful experience, which I would like to share and will never forget.

First of all I, Hans, would like to briefly outline my life; I thought I always maintained a healthy diet and lifestyle and communication. Now I can say I got it wrong.

Due to the daily stress as an entrepreneur in the European Exclusive Real Estate Development and therefore having little or no structure in my life, I never got around to really making time for myself to ensure a healthy and balanced lifestyle both private and business.

I am fortunate to meet in my life a woman, Sandra Adrienne Bucher, who set a good example for me. I told Sandra that I wanted to have a balanced life and focus on improving my communication. She wanted to help me by providing personal and business coaching. She worked for 19 years as a High Performance Coach, Life Style Coach, Business Analyst and Advisor. I thought; no shot is always wrong, so why not?

In the first weeks I received advice and tools to choose a different lifestyle, which I had never chosen before. In addition, the nutrition and coaching conversations have also helped me by being able to have a very positive attitude to life, by applying a different mindset.

I have done various cures and internal cleanings, which are of great importance for my overall health. Besides initiating a healthy diet, providing personal guidance and encouraging sports, Sandra has changed my life and I can truly say that she has given me a success formula. Sandra is living proof that a Coach is able to make your life a success, because I have lost 28 kilos in six months, which has brought me to my goal weight and a divine body. That is a unique and unexpected experience for me and that is why I am very happy about this!

In most cases of my negotiations regarding my projects I felt strong with the good substantiation, sometimes I found out later that I should have done it differently.

Making analyzes in every part of my projects gives me the right balance to make the right decision so that they are successful. I have undergone a development in project-based analysis and communication of my work, which makes the development of projects successful. Through the coaching I have become self-confident and I take my moment as much as possible everywhere and that prevents stress in daily life.

Sandra can analyze very well and she can listen objectively. She has brought me back to real life. Her tools have made me confident. She has regained my confidence in myself and in my work. I have been able to express my confidence with my clients, which has allowed me to move mountains. She also made me more realistic so that I was able to make the right decisions. I would not have achieved this success without her tools. This service work well for everyone, but especially for those who have a top position as they have a lot of responsibility.

In short, applying a coach and a lifestyle in your private and business life makes you a successful entrepreneur, and I was able to experience that. I am open to personal coaching that opens my eyes, because I want to grow old healthy. My life has changed 180 degrees and I can honestly say that it has made me happier and healthier.

Sandra, thank you for helping me with this, because without you I would still be a stress frog. And it doesn’t stop there, because we will continue to achieve success. The foundation has now been laid and we are moving to a higher level! “

H.H. Prins
I had a walk with Sandra in the beautiful forests of the Veluwe, with the aim of possibly working together in the field of coaching. During this walk I talked about a number of issues in my life. Sandra then offered to give me a coaching session on these topics during the walk. She did this with a professionalism and determination that went far beyond my expectations. I came to deep insights and she helped me, while walking, to let a deep longing emerge: writing a new book. After the session, I enthusiastically started writing the table of contents and the first chapter of that new book. The nice thing about this session was that Sandra had followed a Life Coaching course at the Atma Institute more than 10 years earlier, where I was her teacher a few times. So I was pleasantly surprised how she had developed so well in this area.

Peter Krijger
Sandra has given me focus and clarity on some disconnects in my working and private life. From feeling overloaded and incapable of doing everything, I now feel comfortable focusing on doing the things that are aligned to my passions.

My 18-year-old children left home, both have some form of autism. A divorce is of course sad for every person and especially for someone with epilepsy and autism. Sandra knows a lot about autism and together we explored from a distance how my son might feel. That coordination together is nice. Not only did it get me out of feeling helpless because now I can do something, but it also made me feel seen and supported as a mother. Do you need “online sessions” at a distance and yet close by? I absolutely recommend Sandra Bucher, professional!

Kim Maartje Lakke
With Sandra searching for your deepest being is an experience that I can recommend to everyone. Experience a session or an open dialogue about business concepts. Experience the pure non-duality and a non-judgmental being. My creativity has been hit in a flow through which I have come into contact with like-minded people. Trust and cooperation got a new meaning for me which has led and still lead to inspiring processes. No longer convincing, no need to be, but being one, becoming one with what is, namely my inner peace. Recognizing my own madness is, of course, the origin of my mental health, the beginning of my healing and transcendence. I am glad that Sandra helps me with that.

Pieter Alberda
Sandra has been able to touch me with her loving being and move decisively. I felt very safe with her, which allowed me to open up further and feel myself deeper. I have come out of the coaching more quiet and powerful. Sandra knows how to travel with me at all levels. Highly recommended if you want to learn more about yourself and how to shape that in daily life.

Corine Lavrijssen
I was aware that you are especially gifted in supporting people in their conscious evolution; I had not tapped into your skills personally when we were in community back in 2016 at the Synergy Hub 1.0 experiment, but I was aware from others there that you had these gifts to offer. Recently, I was struggling with some physical symptoms that I wanted to learn more about. The most important feedback I can share is that Sandra provided the space and opportunity and guidance, for me to have my own experience and discoveries. She was patient and persistent, as well as generous, kind and pushed me just enough! I felt comfortable to be my authentic self. Our session provided me the chance to have some catharsis as a result, in real-time. That’s to begin. In the time since, I have also achieved some more insights and feel like the results are only just beginning as my journey deepens.

I would imagine Sandra’s services would work well for anyone who is seeking support in transforming any type of challenge or block, whether it’s physical, emotional or related to stress, work, family, etc. Sometimes, we benefit from a fresh voice, perspective and experience; someone who doesn’t have an agenda other than to support and help catalyze our own epiphanies, healing and changes. In this sense, I would recommend Sandra to anyone looking for a skilled intuitive (and practical) to assist them in discovering what is ‘in the way’ and how they might find support in moving through and beyond to whatever their next stage of evolution might be. Sandra has a soft confidence that can support anyone looking for assistance.

Bret A Warshawsky
I have experienced Sandra as someone who sees me on a deep level and has pointed out to me in a loving and gentle, but decisive way what I could not or did not want to face yet. To be seen in such a way is a healing in itself, but the healing only really takes root with the tools she has given me to put this into practice in my daily life. Heartfelt support on my path that makes me very grateful.

Mark Schilders
I felt searching and I was wishing to be supported and move forward. I have opened myself up to an unknown form of guidance that Sandra offered, and I have received more than I expected. I have experienced that the chronic pain in my legs that has lasted for three years has disappeared. Walking was a drama for me. Now I dare to walk in the forest again. I am more aware of my own actions and choices. I feel much more open and stronger in my communication. I believe in myself again and I feel happier. I can look to the future with confidence. It has become a journey that has enriched and healed my life.

Marja de Jong
I experience you as balanced, powerful and flexible and loving. I got a lot of background information about my process and energy and life. And some practical ideas. This service could work well for sensitive persons, people with a high intelligence and or a high conciousness. And for business people with an open mind and heart. So for guidance of people with autistic patterns or people that need a mentor for the overall picture. I think that Sandra can help guide and coach you on a large scale of your life. She has a lot of expertise and a clear vision. If you want a devoted, committed support and guidance, I would recommend Sandra wholehartedly.

Pepijn Blankwater
Sandra stimulates me to thrive by seeing her thrive. She helps me to look beneath layers within myself, to discover more of the truth that I am. She is a beautiful transformational Coach that wholeheartedly is there for you, to help transform what wants to be transformed.

Helena Arturaleza
Sandra I experienced in coaching as a very nice patient woman with a beautiful talent to look and feel deeper in who I am. She was able to make contact with me in a pleasant way and quickly got to the core of my problem. She has given me good advice that I can continue with! Thank you, Femke.

Femke Jacobs
Before the coaching with Sandra I spent a lot of time in my Mind. Sandra gave me tools, homework assignments and support that contributed to living more in the Now. I now make better decisions about how I use my time, energy and attention. I feel even more in harmony and I have more direction than before. Thanks Sandra!

Simon Damstra
Over the past year you have walked with me on several occasions during my continuous journey of self-development. In a very pleasant way you have supported me to connect with my true self and feel where I was in that moment, what I could let go and what steps I could take. As a result, I have been able to recognize old patterns and knew which new steps I could take. I could crystallize out everything after each session. You observe sincerely and clearly in detail. You can also flawlessly describe subtle blockades. This confirms and encourages me in my own perception and feeling and confronts me in a pleasant way with the things in which I can take the next steps. Thank you for your valuable and loving support.

Ruby Kersten
Thank you for the very in-depth support during the telephone coaching. You offered a safe space in which much could emerge from deep unconscious layers. You went straight to the core, with a unique ability to observe very precisely and crystal clear. I found it a very special and healing experience. The coaching had a powerful aftereffect with many insights and more flow. My soul has landed a bit more on earth again. “

Deepika de Vries
I have had several coaching sessions with Sandra and all I can say is wow! Sandra came into my life approximately 5 months ago & she has connected in a heartfelt way with myself, my partner & my beautiful dog. Her healing coaching sessions have assisted me to move beyond personal barriers which were preventing me from living life to its full potential. Through discussion, expressing emotion & connection I am slowly stepping into my power by releasing people, habits & events that no longer serve me. Sandra is gentle, professional, warm & empowers & guides you to reach your goals – what ever they may be. I have no hesitation in recommending Sandra no matter what you wish to achieve in your life. Her knowledge, expertise & her big beautiful heart will assist you to step into your power so that you can be the best version of yourself.

My awareness changes in dialogue with you. You ask the right questions, so that unconscious emotions may be visible and (finally) experienced. You feel, see and know what is going on unconsciously in me and create a safe space in which this can be felt, after which it can let go of me. I experience you as a real “spaceholder”. In this way I create space for myself to grow consciously, to transform further from survival to life. Thank you for that.

Gio Vogelaar
It’s hard to put in words the kind of transformational and amazing work Sandra offers. I met her in person and witnessed her grace and exquisite communication skills before deciding to work with her for 4 months. Her insights are often divinely guided, and they are always spot on. She’s helped me put together so many pieces that have helped me to understand why I am the way I am, and then helped me to move forward to be who I authentically want to be. I love that she shares a mixture of higher guidance as well as inviting you to go within and solve your own problem. The shifts I’ve made will be with me forever… I feel more grounded, confident, self sufficient, and I’m able to speak my boundaries with ease and grace.

I was lying on my bed in complete darkness with Sandras gentle voice surrounding my being. The coaching was very intuitive and heartfelt. She was guiding me through releasing guilt and my body beautifully responded. The coaching is now more than a month ago and it is very clear to me that this coaching opened up to letting go of the heavy guilt, as the past month has been a journey through this guilt. For me it is very vulnerable to have a coaching like this over Skype but the presence Sandra is offering create a beautifully safe space that allowed me to go deeply inward. Sandras presence always leave me feeling lighter, and more empowered every time we connect.

Teresa Sol
I have gained insight into how I have experienced and placed certain things in my life. I gained sight into how I have repressed these things, which I can now relive and integrate. It provided an extra hold and sounding board to deepen this together with Sandra.

Duco Lambers
I had arrived at a point in my business and private life where there was a lot of doubt; doubt about my own choices and skills and doubts about my inner drive. I wanted to get a clear picture of my own motivations, challenges and especially my strengths and feelings. This very intensive, but also very nice time with Sandra led to fairly clear insights. I learned in a short time where certain challenges (doubt, self-confidence etc.) came from and how I can balance them better. We went deep, including looking at things from a distant past, but everything contributed to coming to those enlightening insights. Afterwards I feel much more empowered, I am more aware and stronger in balancing my inner motivations, strengths and challenges and overall I feel much better. Basically anyone who wants to start a self-exploration to find out the reasons for certain behavior or feelings would benefit from this work.

Jorn Moraal
Sandra helped me in a speed consultation to take the next step on my path of inner strength.

Ellen Kemper
Sandra even took ample time on Sunday to help me with some job interview advice. The training was very welcome to me and helped me to better understand what recruiters are looking for. After the training I also received a summary and advice report. All in all very worthwhile

Robert Bronsing
I had a very nice day (three sessions in one day: shortened Intensive) with you and we did a lot. It was very intense and we worked a lot with my energy and feelings. This has done my confidence very well. You gave me clarity. I am more calm and confident in my decisions, which is very nice. I am really looking forward to experiencing all this, the start has been made and everything is changing.

Karin Haenen
I had a session with Sandra, she guided me to stay with those aspects, that I was judging as negative and dark and allow them to be what they were, without needing to analyze them—only to be with them where they were located in my body. It was difficult for me to stay focused in these places, but I managed to. By the end of our session I felt much lighter, relaxed, and way more at peace. Thank you for that amazing session. I feel that energetically I have experienced a really big shift. I feel much lighter and softer and yet more in touch with my emotional body. I’ve been welling up with tears all day – that’s a big difference. Feeling hopeful. And grateful. 

Gaelyn Miriam Larrick
I came for an inspiration session because of my insecurity. I often gladly adapt myself, and thereby lose myself in contact with others. The world overwhelmed me and I had a sense of disorientation. Since the Inspiration Sessions I have been able to see very big changes in myself. I have felt a strong sense of my own essence.
– I have seen my own strength and received an enormous sense of self-confidence and freedom and some more..
– I feel energetic and very relaxed
– I feel happy and smile more
– I have an overview and feel confident, so that I am now taking concrete steps to a different job / work environment
– After 12 years, I am able to lovingly step out of a relationship with an addicted man after 12 years
– My eating disorder has disappeared. I am stable at my goal weight without making any effort.
– My social fear is gone.
– I experience a state of neutrality and overview in which I can now, in contract with others, really be there for someone else instead of joining someone’s story / emotion.
– I no longer feel “allergy” to certain people or behaviors.
– I can indicate my limit without hitting the roof.

Several existentially crucial experiences have been healed & rewritten. It makes sense and strengthens my basis on the way to my main goal. This service could work well for everyone who has the courage to get to the root of something, and everyone who has the guts to take responsibility for that.

Patrick Obels
To experience such a nice breakthrough in my energy flow and allowing space for my inner power. Thank you for your support, addressing my responsibility and inner strength.

Roza Roos
Sandra is a dear colleague who flawlessly sees and feels the ‘ripple’. That which shuts off, or does not flow freely, she perceives from such a clarity that you can grow very rapidly in process and consciousness if you are open to it. She has the gift to make people aware but also to get to a level where it flows or where it is congruent to ‘the’ truth. This makes me happy to work with Sandra and can wholeheartedly recommend her as a coach.

I got to know you as a very careful and attuned professional, who comes to the core at lightning speed. Your tool is your fine intuition and profound knowledge of man and its mental & emotional processes. In your working method you are gentle and clear in expressing what you perceive. You build a solid bridge between the ‘normal’ and unseen world and translate this into practical advice that I can use immediately. Thank you!

Marian van Noort
Sandra has helped me in different ways over the past few years. Sometimes the themes are deeply absorbed in the subconscious, and sometimes it is more at the surface of my consciousness. I experience that the most valuable breakthroughs of pieces that I have rediscovered are in the places where I like being the least. I would prefer to approach many of these documents very rationally, but that does not always work. The invitation is a process in which I had a lot of our sessions, and when I call it, I mean acting with real attention. For me this is a very valuable investment in myself, something that is certainly not done in a hurry. It is something that I look forward to every time. You could approach this with a plan, with diligence, but I would recommend approaching it with surrender and enthusiasm!

Robin Veth
I feel very glad that I have had the chance to work with Sandra. Curious about what an “Access Bars” treatment would do for me, the sessions turned out to be much more comprehensive. I have felt Sandra’s wide range of skills and unique style of coaching. The resulting growth inside me, made me more open and receptive. I feel very grateful that I can now integrate healthy feedback in my daily life with ease.

Lin Ye Zhang (Chris)
You touch the core and put me back in my strength. Thanks to your sessions, I stay close to myself and clearly distinguish what are old and new thoughts. I can now communicate with a clearer vision. I feel more precisely and indicate what I want and what I don’t want. I feel like setting goals again and have less need to control the future, but to live more in the Here and Now. I am very grateful and happy that I have experienced this and that you have guided me in this without judgment and with dedication.

Regillio van der Vloot
Dear Sandra, you are a dedicated and skilled woman with sharp observation and a very high sensitivity; qualities that you can use widely in your work. You work with respect and great care, which I felt strongly in your loving communication before, during and after the sessions. During the coaching and healing you are capable to tune in to my personal wishes and what is needed. After the sessions I left with valuable insights and trust. We could all use some light on our path in life and you have light in abundance!” With much gratitude, Serena du Bois

Serena du Bois
I felt inspired to share about my healing session with Sandra, which I highly recommend to anyone. When I came for a session to Sandra I was at a turning point in my life. She welcomed me into her healing space with such grace, presence and love. No spoken words were needed, just pure presence and love. When I received her healing I felt so safe and the energies were vibrating on a such a high level. She is not only a healer but a sister in action. She truly cares and she is an angel to me. Her selfless and pure essence melts me and inspires me and makes me want to work deeper on the feminine aspects. I am lucky that I met her and I can highly recommend her as a healer and a an intuitive guide.

Sif Yraola
I ended up with Sandra because I had problems with migraine attacks. Through conversations and treatments I now have the power, when I feel a migraine, to let it flow. Nowadays, I don’t even have migraine attacks anymore, and my medication is no longer necessary. What I am also very grateful for is that from the inside I can feel that I can be there in this world. And finally, and for me a totally unexpected effect, is that my desire for food is greatly increased.

Karel Goudriaan
Some changes on my personal and professional path didn’t go as expected and her insight and guidance got me right back on track. She really knows and just feels what I was seeking for and what I needed. It didn’t feel like a ‘textbook’ approach and she really tried to connect with me and she did. Listening, no judgement and identifying my needs. Eye opening and guiding me towards finding solutions on my own. It’s a beautiful and challenging journey.

Kwok-Leung Tsang
The session with Sandra was magical, went straight to the core, was concrete, down to earth. In a family there are blind spots. That is not bad at all, but it is very valuable when a third person takes a look at it and gives practical tips that you can continue as a whole family. As a parent, being truly open is absolutely important to create a field of love and truthfulness together in which everything can come on the table. Sandra made contact with everyone in a very loving way. With involvement, she listened to the son, who told her everything in his own way. Sandra let us hear what occupied him, what his worries and fears were and what he was trying to tell us. Carefully she was able to know more about him bit by bit. A good example: She heard that he was swallowing things. Her question to him was: What would they like to say then?’ Another example regarding a pattern and habit. She asked him: ‘What do you want to experience with this pattern?’ With these questions we received very deep and striking answers. She also gave us tips for ourselves as parents and how we could support him. She felt what was suited for our whole family. We felt like parents. Sandra’s tips were striking and sometimes confrontational, but also loving, careful and in alignment. She makes contact with everyone’s soul, person, the family as a whole and the larger field. That makes it touch all layers. Already in the moment itself he felt and transformed a lot with everyone. The next day the son mentioned things that were a direct follow-up to the session. That was a sign for us that the session had already partially done its work. Even without the practical tips, a lot has been changed. And the tips reinforce the story. I thought it was a unique experience!

I would like to tell you what your help meant to me. Your love and subtlety are immense. It was a joy to be helped by you. Every session was a surprise, but always supportive and reinforcing. You are knowledgeable in so many areas, and you navigate fluently to all methods and insights that you have. Very inspiring. Your practical directions and exercises made it possible for me to continue between the sessions. I could give you my trust. Working with you has brought light and connection back into my life. I am very grateful to you. A lot of good wishes, Klaar.

Klaar Hooyman
You have to lose yourself in order to find yourself”, came to me as a phrase that would clearly explain the life phase I was in. Those times required me to face a tremendous challenge.. getting to REALLY know myself. Sandra provided me the guidance and support I needed to explore myself with compassion, gentleness, honesty and love. Such exploration gave me the insight to free myself from mental, physical or spiritual barriers. When oneself is free of constrains, the sky is the limit!

Guillermo Riojas
Sandra guided me to a higher level of consciousness during individual moments. With her sessions she knows how to apply techniques that have brought me further on my life path. It felt like she was walking beside me during the moments we worked together. Full of warmth, love, purity, depth and safety.

Arinda Hoffland
Sandra has a unique feminine quality that is compassionate and non-judgmental. My experience with her felt safe and nurturing, allowing me to release fearful feelings with ease. During my treatments with her I dealt with life issues under the surface that were blocking my higher potential and as a result I feel more free to express my authenticity and soul purpose. Thank you Sandra! Your gifts are truly appreciated.

Teahna Kaiee
After many years of psychotherapy, I was surprised to see how quickly we arrived to the core of my problems

Through collaboration and periodic collegial attunement, I met Sandra as a person who starts working with people with love and genuine interest. By this attitude she is able to give people the confidence to express themselves about what touches them most. Because Sandra manages several methodologies she can work on the solutions individually with the client. Her open and loving attitude makes her a successful coach and guide to people.

Richard Brouwer
When I met Sandra, she immediately struck me with her totally balanced way of being. I didn’t really have a specific question for her, yet Sandra intuitively knew what I needed, I didn’t need to ask at all. She gave me clarity on an issue I had been struggling with for a while and totally reassured me it was going to be all right. She gave me peace of mind and helped me find trust in letting things take their own course.

Isabelle Peper
Do you know the feeling of feeling insecure and perhaps a little scared when you think about the future? That’s how I felt when I first met Sandra. Our first meeting might have been just too short and I couldn’t completely relax, but she discovered many areas I knew I needed to work on, she showed me my childhood traumas and I did feel naked indeed! Because I felt that we had much more to discover and work, we got together four times more. During our meetings afterwards, I discovered my options, which I should focus on in the future, we worked with the blocks I have, touched the areas of my friend and my sick mother. I must say that all the sessions we’ve had have helped me regain my confidence in the future, and I’m on the path that leads me in the right direction, and a feeling that I’m not alone, I feel that I again I am, I trust that everything is correct. Most importantly, I feel like I met you Sandra for a reason, our encounters set me up to tackle my mom’s illness and all the hard times that come with it! Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I’m sending you love.

Alya Kers
I am very happy that Sandra has guided my son individually. She motivates him to function as independently as possible and that he will take his own responsibility for everything and that he himself gets control over his own life. In general, he finds it very difficult to practice certain skills and he is anxious quickly.
The qualities of Sandra are a healthy self-reflection and a great sensitivity and patience. She carries through, is careful and transparent.
My son was completely forgotten by a number of difficult events and through the guidance and contact with Sandra, he gained knowledge and insight and brought it back to himself. Even when there was a break in the coaching, he himself asked when Sandra would come again. My son is very clear who he does not want to contact and with Sandra, there was a click immediately. For me it was clear that she feels it very well and understands what he needs and she knows, by her way of performing (loving, warm and calm, very sensitive), how to arouse his enthusiasm for anything.
My son says about the coaching with Sandra: ‘That I can learn to take responsibility myself, I think that is the most important thing I’ve learned. Sandra’s guidance gave me a lot of insight and helped me on my way. She knows how to get to the core in a short time and her advice about the steps I can take has helped me a lot.’
Sandra is a warm, very sensitive and professional woman. I thank her for her support.
In short, I can wholeheartedly recommend Sandra for guiding people individually. She has a lot of experience both with adults and with children, but also in various settings, for example group counseling.

Caroliene Izerlooij
I experienced the entire session as a very comfortable and relaxing journey through my inner worlds. It seemed that questions that had occupied my mind for the last month, were identified. These were all questions that had to do with my relationship with the sacred feminine or my own feminine, sensitive, intuitive and emotional sides and my relationship to it in others, especially my mother and my new love. That what was essential for me was flawlessly recognized.

Daniel Waterman