PODCAST with Pregnancy, Birth & Beyond, Australia

  • 22 mei 2020

🎙 PODCAST with Pregnancy, Birth & Beyond 🎙

In Oni Belcher’s (PB&B) interview I shared the high lights of what I see as essential to upgrade our relationships, for a better and harmonious living.

With many topics among other…
– Communication and transparency – speak your truth
– Give eachother space to explore emotions, feelings, thoughts, ideas
– Express your authentic experience – share your inner world
– Include failure, explore together how to overcome challenges
– Honor eachothers sensitivity and wishes for boundaries
– How we could read body language to help eachother to become the best version of ourselves

The worldwide radio broadcast will be released on August 11.

🎙 Laura and Russell Brand were recently interviewed. It is worth taking a look at the website (www. pbbmedia. org)🎙

” Let’s re-design your life and promote you to a better life or career! ” 🎯

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