PODCAST with Pregnancy, Birth & Beyond, Australia

  • 22 mei 2020

Oni Belcher (PB&B Australia) interviews me next month about my life’s mission. My job is to get people back on track; the path of their life purpose.

As we age, it can sometimes seem as if we are not progressing in specific areas of ourselves. We may feel that we have sacrificed our goal – that we don’t feel fully alive every day, or think we may never be able to reach our goals in life. Whether it is a promotion, a career, a more successful company or a relationship in our home situation.

– But why is it that we cannot identify our life mission and achieve goals?
– And what makes it so essential to keep the balance and love for what we do in our lives?
– How can we be supported in the early years, to live our purpose with ease?

We can’t start early enough with exploring our authentic path; the more empowered we are in our younger years, the easier it is to stay aligned with our purpose and achieve a higher quality of life when we grow older. Already in the younger years balance, own authority and autonomy are important to take care for. I will share my vision and ideas with PB&B.

Stay tuned and keep an eye on the website (www.getpromotedlife.com) for more information on the date and time of the worldwide radio broadcast or send a message (info@getpromotedlife.com) to be informed. The podcast will be released soon.

Laura and Russell Brand were recently interviewed. It is worth taking a look at the website (www.pbbmedia.org)

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