PODCAST ” Live your purpose, avoid misguidance “

  • 25 juli 2020

PODCAST “Live your purpose, avoid misguidance”

Life is a unique experience, and bodies are not the same, as are the chapters of life in which people find themselves. Therefore, there is no ultimate truth about what is “good” and what is “not good.”

In the Podcast, I invite you to reflect on your unique perspectives and responsibilities to achieve a healthy and balanced lifestyle. I will voice my self-research, as well as the experiences of many other women and men (of all ages) that I have supported, in these podcasts.

Oni Blecher (Pregnancy Earth & Beyond) interviews me regarding the ideas and perspectives:

* How can we live up to our highest truth, live our purpose, pursue our goals?
* How to recognize what keeps us in balance and what doesn’t?
* How can external influences misguide us?
* How can we support our children to stay on track and not be misguided?

You can listen part 1 of the Podcast via this link.

These Podcasts will be a follow-up to the podcast in which Oni Blecher (Pregnancy Earth & Beyond, www.pbbmedia.org) interviews me about the consequences and the problemshooting for disharmony family-, relationships. This worldwide radio broadcast will be released on August 25.

We invite you to send your questions, because, glad we are to include and inform you too! Please send your request to info@getpromotedlife.com.

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