PODCAST “Gifts from Self-Inquiry”

  • 13 juli 2020

PODCAST “Gifts from Self-Inquiry”

With topics:
Body Awareness
Relative and ultimate level of truth
Pure loving awareness
Negativity and health consequences
Cancer and other complications
Different self-inquiries methods
The road of Health

Welcome. Anand Wells Rahasya, explorer of Inner Realms and Natural Health is with me in the podcast. We met each other in Byron Bay, Australia. In this podcast we share about the importance of the Self-Inquiry, which can be experienced by everyone. The Self-Inquiry gives us the opportunity to explore a quality listening to the body knowledge and body signals, to find our direction in life.


More info:

https://www.facebook.com/thrivenaturalremedies/ (Anand, coaching for your body health and high quality Vitamine C supply)

www.getpromotedlife.com (Sandra, coaching for your private and work life, self-inquiry assistance, eyegazing, private retreats)

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