Be welcome for Parent Business Advisory and feel how you can effectively support your family to live the harmonious life together that you have always wanted, while also manifesting your business success!
Living a balanced life may not always be easy for you as a working parent. Think of conflicting expectations regarding your business and family life. For example, questions or difficulties may arise with regard to work-life balance, fears of failure in parenthood, tension or concentration problems of the children, hyperactivity (ADHD), passivity, underperformance, hypersensitivity (HSP), anxiety symptoms or poor sleeping and eating habits.

Back in the natural balance
What opportunities are there to go through challenging situations and maintain balance and love for what you do? How can you communicate so that needs and boundaries are expressed at work and within your family?

During your coaching we find out what organically fits the structure and goals of your work aspects and your family. I quickly see through patterns and unhealthy dynamics that hinder the natural flow. I support you to enable yourself to make the right choices and to deal with the lack of direction, focus and clarity. Together we create the optimally functioning environment where the unique potential of you and your children is optimally expressed. In this way, your family develops its own standards and values, based on a sense of security and trust. It contributes to a sense of self-esteem and self-worth of every family member. Having a better understanding of how you authentically feel, think and act will position the foundations of your work and life. From this independence you can move with what work and your family demands of you. From this movement, the chances of success and happiness are greater in your private and business area.

How much time and energy will be left to enjoy life together with a natural balance? Shall we get to the bottom of things and make the shift possible that you always wanted?

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