“I dedicate myself through my work and lifestyle to achieve the highest quality and joyful existence, while integrating daily my Soul Consciousness in my human design.”


I am supporting men and women to get the results that they are wishing for, and live their purpose. Life goals might not have been reached, be it a promotion, a career, a more successful business or a relationship in the home situation. My job is to help you get you back on track; the path of your life’s purpose.

Despite the passing of time it sometimes feels like we are not moving forward in specific areas of ourselves. We might even feel that we have sacrificed our purpose – that we do not feel alive every day, or even living without goals.

My job is to help people grow through obstacles. By helping my clients to see why ‘it’ does not flow and by creating awareness, they can discover new possibilities and find their truth and strength. The outcome is that they feel the balance and the love for what they do, to achieve the life they always wanted!

Coaching has been my driving force and my greatest passion. With a comprehensive approach aimed at the balance of body, mind and soul, I support my clients into a more meaningful life, until they feel that they have succeeded.

Men and women are coming back for years, because they know that I offer them unique and renewed coaching in which transformation is experienced in almost every session. When tuning into a situation or person, I see what does not flow naturally. I have sharpened my brain, developed a hyper focus and unique screening capabilities to be able to offer the highest service possible. I teach how to envision what’s difficult to see and how to endure through challenging transitions. I use different types of coaching styles for clarification, while matching with the (un)conscious needs of my clients.

High attunement to my life purpose
During my career in Human Resource Management in 2002, while practicing Management, Lifestyle Strategy and Business Coaching in Business, I started exploring my skills in problemshooting, coaching and scanning of organizations and private individuals. Around the age of 27 (2009) I started my own company to live my passion and coach men and women of all ages worldwide, resulting in success stories in their private lives and careers. I collaborate with organizations, various business relationships and individuals to join forces. For an extensive overview of my work and working relationships, please refer to my LinkedIn profile.

Educations from 2000 – present
– Post-HBO education Life and Career Coaching for professionals, Atma Institute
– HBO education Human Resource Management, Hogeschool van Amsterdam
– Coaching ‘risk’ people education, Radar and Municipality of Amsterdam
– Coaching ‘risk’ people in addictions, Radar and Municipality of Amsterdam
– COACHEE!, Jeannette Bakker-Stam
– Coaching, Voor Welzijn
– Integrated leadership, intuitive and authentic leadership, several training agencies
– Systemic energetic work: family constellation, career and talent constellation, voice dialogue, Atma Institute
– Inner Child Work, Atma Institute
Wataflow, coaching in the water, Oceano Salvatore Russo
Inquiry Self-Research, several training agencies
– Eye-Gazing, several training agencies
and so much more.

Work activities
– Human resources, management, career coaching, reintegration into business, among others at Delta Lloyd, Lovells, Anthos.
– Starting up and designing the branch, team and branch management and coaching in the gymnasium education arena.
– Coaching in personal and professional development projects for the Municipality of Amsterdam and SOS Helpline (Kindertelefoon).
– Employed in own company as of February 2009.

What are important values ​​for me
– Enthusiasm, optimism, energybalance, open-mindedness
– Focus on the Now and the Future
– Visionary, pioneer, entrepreneur
– Transparency, authenticity and sincerity 

Qualities / hobbies
Nature, dancing, conscious networking, sports, speaking, intuitive scanning, channeling, modeling, acting, singing, writing, strategic thinking, 
intuitive perception, contemplating and traveling. 

Heart greetings!

Sandra Adrienne Bucher (’82)