One day described, Intensive Ibiza

  • 26 april 2020

The Intensive is an individual, multi-day awareness process. This multi-day course provides insight into what you really need as a basis. My client wanted to receive her nine-day ‘Intensive’ on a sunny island. She wanted to be more powerful in life and more committed to her personal mission and goals.

Looking back

With gratitude I look back at this beautiful private retreat, the Intensive. I have been touched by the vulnerability and openings that my client had experienced. She took off her masks and released limiting identities. Her head released ‘old’ thoughts. I intuitively assisted her in the self-examination, to come to insights via Inquiries and the body dialogue.

She was supported to be able to feel deeper, detoxify and let go of tension. By temporarily stepping out of her well-known routines and going into a retreat, she could see more clearly what was happening in her life. Her approach was negative at the beginning, but we went through it together to arrive at a consciously loving approach. Every day she felt more what she really wanted in her relationships and with her physical and mental health. And now, after her homecoming, her challenge really starts, because how do you bring everything that you have gained in life with you? The keys are: (self) acceptance and self-respect, seeing where opportunities are, decisiveness, courage, transparent communication with yourself and your environment. These are the keys to letting go of the old and actually making change possible. Her self-confidence and insight are now so much bigger, to step through from here into the new … These are the basic steps to a conscious, balanced and happy life!

A day from the ‘Intensive’

10: 30-11:00… to go through the day’s interpretation, contemplation
11: 00-13:00.. self-examination of two hours
13: 00-14:00.. lunch, time for personal interpretation
14: 00-16:00.. self-examination of two hours
16: 00-16:30.. looking back on the day
From 16:30 hours the day was open for her own interpretation.
(Optional: body massage by a external Masseuse after 16:30…)

The program was partly fixed and partly for interpretation by the moment itself. Besides the ten sessions, she also wanted to experience the island. We have been to beautiful power spots. After the ‘Intensive’ there have been contact moments to support her to integrate everything that has been experienced.

Do you want to experience an Intensive?
I look forward to providing an ‘Intensive’ for you too. For more information or to make an appointment, I invite you to send a message to

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