“Objections to evolve?”

  • 3 juni 2020

Couldn’t we all need an Advisor, maybe more Advisors, to improve our lives? Below you will find the reasons why people do not opt for a development process to provide for their own maintenance. Take a look and find out if one or more of these reasons is stopping you from renewing yourself and stepping into your greatness. I invite you to a free introduction to talk about all your fears and blocks you may have to go through for your evolution and we will work through it together! Or view the results here. I’m sure you won’t hesitate to step into your plan to explore a more meaningful life. For more information or to make an appointment, send a message to info@sandrabucher.com.

  1. Un worthy of spending money on themselves or not having enough time! 
  2. Fear of opening up wounds
  3. The ego mind making them feel as though they do not need to be better. That they are already fine as they are
  4. Intimidation of the service provided 
  5. Feeling as though they are below or unworthy of being helped 
  6. Feeling guilty for spending money 
  7. That others in their family or friends may judge them 
  8. That others would disapprove or not understand 
  9. Fear of commitment to self-development 
  10. Fear of becoming better
  11. Fear that if they do grow within themselves that they will outgrow others to whom they are attached to 
  12. Feeling as though the Advisor is better than them and they cannot be seen as weak or lesser around them 
  13. Fear of being seen as weak or not perfect 
  14. That their illness, or needs for self-work are not as important as others 
  15. Comparing own problems to others 
  16. Feelings of overwhelm and anxiety
  17. Not yet enough money to spare on their goals 
  18. Feeling that their goal is too out of reach 
  19. Feeling that they do not have what it takes to get to their goal 
  20. Feeling unworthy of success 
  21. Feeling fear of failure 
  22. If failed, fear of being seen as a failure by others 
  23. Fear of succeeding 
  24. Fear of out growing their current life of safety 
  25. Fear of outgrowing relationships 
  26. Fear of hurting or stepping on others in the process of reaching their goal 
  27. Feeling that their dreams of success are not as important as others 
  28. Feeling guilt that they are focusing on themselves 
  29. Feeling as though they are selfish for having a mission 
  30. Feeling as though they are too good for your support and help 
  31. Feeling that they are already competent in their skills to achieve their dream 
  32. Not wanting to confront blocks that they have toward success 
  33. Fear of dissolving boundaries they have set to keep them safe and working easily 
  34. Fear of being seen more because of their success
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