In a non-binding and free introductory meeting (by telephone or Zoom), you will gain insight into what I can do for you. You are offered a range of coaching, analysis and consultancy options ranging from one to one or group with varying levels of intensity, with your choice of emphasis. Please see below the range of services that I offer. For more information or to schedule an introductory meeting please send your message to Appointments can be changed free of charge up to 48 before the relevant appointment, after which the costs will incur.

Career and Business Coaching and the Life Style Coaching A one-on-one Coaching for your business and personal by Zoom, telephone and in person. You can choose from packages, differing in commitment hours and duration.

Intensive A one-on-one design of 2 to 10 days or longer for your business and personal. Every day you will receive my commitment and support in order to lift both yourself and your life to a higher level.

Your Purpose Life” This eight week one-on-one coaching and training through Zoom, phone or in person will help you to succeed in personal life and in business by living your purpose. Step by step you will learn how to integrate your high point experiences into daily life and how to stay in line with your purpose.

Parent Business Coaching For parents to realize a work and life balance, or for other business and personal topics offered via Zoom, telephone and in person. Coaching for children will be included. You can choose from packages, differing in commitment hours and duration.

Coach the Coach In this self-development training, I assist you as a right-hand man and advise and support you in the field of professional and personal development. The expertise, tools and experiences are offered, which can be used for coaching yourself, students and adults.

Group Coaching These meetings will each month take place on Zoom. Group package focuses equally on individual and team goals. Gain for yourself and as a team the awareness, experience and tools to experience yourself in a greater potential in the peer team coaching sessions.

Wataflow Is an aquatic body work. It is not only a water massage, but also a deep, beautiful self development practice that allows you to relax and get clear insights.

Access Bars A refined manual and pragmatic treatment.