Gain the awareness, experience and tools to experience yourself in a greater potential in the peer coaching sessions
Intervision shows you how to create and manifest with the best version of yourself. These conscious online meetings invites you to expand your awareness and we do this together, in a groupsdynamic. You will develop your authentic and intuitive leadership. This means that you can use all your possibilities and tap into the potential that is available, so that abundance and success are easily visible to all parties. The more you recognize your potential and can make full use of it in all spheres of life, the more quality you may offer. It will bring a powerful natural flow to your life. The more you recognize your potential, being able to use it fully in all areas of life, the more quality life you experience.

Development areas

Be surprised by the insights obtained in the training in these areas of life! I see three spheres of life in which you can develop yourself or put effort in:
– The intrapersonal sphere, the area of ​​the individual consciousness and subconscious mind.
– The transpersonal sphere, the field of meaning, vision of life and intuition.
– The interpersonal sphere, the area of ​​relationships, divided into private relationships and social relationships.

Learn powerful tools and experience that…
– You become a magnet in attracting positivity and success.
– The more you make your potential visible, the more you will activate yourself and others in powers.
– Abundance can be experienced where you allow it.
– How to joyfully and positively manage your life.
– What your greater creative and higher conscious ability is.
– How you can achieve deep physical and mental relaxation with a simple method.
– What your essential desires, passions and goals are.
– How to transform undermining core beliefs and thoughts into empowering beliefs and thoughts.
– How your body has an important signal function and thus contributes to your larger life plan.
– The importance of open and sincere communication.
– The importance of listening without projections or interpretations.
– The value of focus.
– A number of tools in the context of listening, grounding and surrender, including the Inquiry and the Full-Body-Yes!

In these meetings we will work as a group, but also as an individual. You learn tools to continue independently. Of course there is room to bring in your own cases and themes, to jointly investigate how you can position yourself in your work and life. For more information or when you would like to join the monthly interventions online, I invite you to fill in the contact form via this link: contact form.