Great results are possible when we work together intensively…
If you feel that you want support to achieve your work goals, then the Intensive is a special gift to yourself. This will be a multi-day self-awareness project that will instantly give you an energetic boost and you will be supported by me on every topic concerning your career and lifestyle (reinvention). This is possible for 1-on-1 individual support. The Intensive can last from one to five days.

We discuss the possibilities and your goals before the intensive take place. Based on that, we will make suggestions. The Intensive will be provided at a fixed location. Additionally, we will visit nature and power places. You could, for example, think of forests or mountains.  Nature contributes to your natural and moving, your health, relaxation, peace, clarity and inspiration. Being in a different environment and social structure inspires. Being away from daily routines temporarily will bring you a clear view of your life. Sleeping potentials wakes up outside of the familiar comfort zone. Furthermore, we would suggest good weather, healthy food and opportunities for well-being activities. After the intensive there will be contact moments to further support you on your path if you wish. We offer you to take care of the organization of your stay. You can also contact us with questions regarding transport and surroundings.

The Intensive includes various forms of advisory and consciousness techniques, originating from both the western and the eastern world. The program may includes all that is offered on the website. Your intentions and goals are central. The evening is free for your own interpretation. We will pass on the tools that we have discovered in 20 years of study and work, so that you may use them for your daily life. We will engage professionals in the field of nutrition, sports, health and well-being when there are additional wishes. The details depend on your available time, your budget and your options. Be surprised by the transformative effect of the intensive.

Results, among other…
The Intensive gives you a new perspective on yourself, your business or career and helps you to integrate the new inspiration into your daily life. You can contribute themes in the areas of your work: leadership & management, communication, interconnections, piek performances, motivational speaking, goal orientation & motivation and strategy, career & talent advice, organizational development, self- and groupdirection, mediation, energy balance, mindfulness, life purpose, body knowledge, workflow & balance.

For an example of what the Intensive could offer, we would like to refer you to the blog ‘An experience described’. Feel welcome to send your message to for more information or to schedule an introductory meeting.