In a non-binding and free introductory meeting (by telephone or Zoom), you will gain insight into what I can do for you. If you would decide to continue, there are several options that we will go through together. You are offered a range of coaching options ranging from do-it-yourself, one to one, or group with varying levels of intensity, with your choice of emphasis for outcomes in your personal or work life. Please see below for more details about packages where I present a small selection of the range of services that I offer. By mirroring and reflecting, I assist you to gain a new perspective on yourself and on your life. You will be coached to upgrade yourself and your life to an integrated higher quality experience.

Option A and B) A one-on-one coaching, via Skype, Zoom, telephone and in person. You can choose from two packages, differing in commitment hours and duration, offered online or face to face. Each season is 75 minutes, one months up to a full year. The full year allows consistent coaching when blockages arise I am here with you to overcome them. 

Option C) The Intensive, a private self-development retreat, a one-on-one design with a minimum of 2 – to a maximum of 10 days. Every day you will receive my commitment and support in order to lift both yourself and your life to a higher level. This multi-day coaching will have a deep effect on your life, for you will gain a clear insight into your key needs. You gain insight about how you may realize your desires, so that you enter a natural flow from freedom. 

Option D) Intervision, an online group-oriented coaching,these meetings will take place online every month. You may join in the online coaching for a new awareness, new tools and experiences. Group package focuses equally on work and personal life goals. Gain the awareness, experience and tools to experience yourself in a greater potential in the peer coaching sessions.

Option D) Do it yourself course, please inquire for more information.

Option F) Access Bars treatment, a manual and pragmatic treatment.

The rates

The rates are determined according to the form of support you choose. My guidance is deductible for entrepreneurs and self-employed persons. If you are a private individual, ask your employer or auxiliary body to reimburse you for personal and / or business coaching. Appointments can be changed free of charge up to 48 before the relevant appointment, after which the costs will incur.

For more information or to schedule an introductory meeting please use the contact form. Feel free to inquire.