Eye Gazing, the gift for Life!

I’d love to take you on this advanced Eye Gazing, facilitated 1-1. I support you in creating a field of consciousness in which transparency, being sincere with yourself and open contact are central. I will guide you through the process step by step. I will show you how you can use Eye Gazing on a daily basis to achieve more balance in your life.

Imagine that we are sitting, facing each other without sharing words. No words are needed here. A sharpened focus is created by directing attention to one point: the eyes of your partner. In this sharpened perception, you can observe your inner experience through the method of mirroring and reflection. Shooting or fleeing is almost impossible. That is what makes this technique so powerful. Of course, if you feel that words contribute to this experience, then there is room for that.

Self-liberation is possible when you can make it happen …

Eye Gazing is a transparent process in which the busy mind (your belief systems, physical and mental defense programs) is seen through. Eye Gazing can lead to the transcending of unwanted patterns, fears, disbelief and undermining programs. This creates space to look differently from new possibilities to yourself and situations. You get a reorientation, energy reset, an energetic boost, which supports your ‘good feeling’ and self-confidence and commitment from within. It gives you the ‘home feeling’.

An important key to more life balance!

Eye Gazing is one of the most powerful tools I know to realize more connection, but also to achieve more self-awareness, deep relaxation, inspiration and inner harmony. On a psychological level, prolonged eye contact can benefit your social relationships.

Because Eye Gazing…
… Helps to recognize your emotions
… Creates an opportunity for emotional connection
… Increases intimacy
… Builds confidence
… Increases the connection
… Increase your awareness

The science

The research, published in Neuroimage, found that prolonged eye contact actually synchronizes brain activity between two people. The scientists who conducted the study had the intention to investigate what goes on in personal eye contact. They linked 96 strangers together and had them maintain eye contact for extended periods of time while MRIs scanned the subjects’ brains for activity. What they found was that the blinking was synchronized and that an area of ​​the brain known as the right lower anterior gyrus lit up with activity in both people. According to the authors, this finding suggested that mutual eye contact bound people into a “singly connected system.” said Norihiro Sadato, senior study author, at Psych Central.

Optional: Eye Gazing in combination with the Inquiry

Eye Gazing can be combined with the Inquiry. The Inquiry is a self-inquiry method in which I ask the most essential questions, which you answer by yourself from the high level of attunement during Eye Gazing. The questions are about the meaning of life or any other question you have. It supports you to speak the truth about who you are, what you want, where there is no resistance and what you can clarify and change. Can you imagine what this could mean for your life; an increase in the quality of life by turning on your own guru in your life. More information…

Optional: Eye Gazing in combination with business or personal coaching

If you want to get coaching by hearing my feedback and / or be coached after the Eye Gazing to get answers or develop more self-management and self-concentration in certain aspects of your life, you can! Before or after the Eye Gazing, we will discuss your options. More information Life Coaching and Business or Career coaching…

Optional: Eye Gazing in combination with the SCAN

If you would like to receive a clear and guiding reading from me, then that is certainly possible. We have discussed the options for you in advance or after the Eye Gazing.

Optional: Eye Gazing in combination with Wataflow

If you would like to receive a Wataflow session, this is certainly possible. If you express your interest before we see each other, we can discuss the options. More information…

Come and see ….

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