You are offered a range of coaching options ranging from do-it-yourself, one to one, or group with varying levels of intensity, with your choice of emphasis. The rates are determined according to the form of support you choose and whether you are a business or private individual.

In a no-obligation and free introductory meeting (by telephone or Zoom) you will gain insight into what I can do for you within your budget.

* Payment in installments is possible.
* Appointments can be changed free of charge up to 48 hours before the relevant appointment, after which the costs arise.

In consultation, I could also write a suitable proposal, that clearly states the usefulness and purpose of the coaching and training that you can use for other parties.

Tax deduction for entrepreneurs
Costs for coaching for self-employed persons are tax-deductible as business expenses. Contact your accountant, bookkeeper or tax advisor.

Tax deduction for individuals
Costs for coaching and career guidance above an amount of 250 euros are fully tax-deductible, provided that the program meets a number of conditions. These are costs that are seen as “study costs and training expenses”. Coaching can meet this criterion if you use it to perform better or more effectively at work or if you use it to find another job, both with your current employer and outside it. Read more…

Disability insurance
If you have disability insurance and use our coaching program to get back to work, there is a very good chance that your full coaching program will be reimbursed. To claim reimbursement, it is best to contact your insurer in advance.

Basic & Supplementary Health Insurance
With a basic health insurance it is not customary for coaching for your personal development to be reimbursed.

Tell a friend promotion
Is someone going to start a coaching program because of you? Then you both receive discount on your next invoice.

Budgeting by employers, UWV and PPO 
Approval has been given for subsidizing the coaching and training programs for entrepreneurs and self-employed persons by UWV and PPO ( These parties have an (annual) budget for the start-up of a business, sustainable employability, personal development, training or absenteeism prevention. 

If you are a private individual, ask your employer, supervisor or auxiliary body to reimburse you for personal and / or business coaching. Approval has been given for subsidizing the coaching and training programs by employers, municipalities and UWV. They also have an (annual) budget for sustainable employability, personal development, training or absenteeism prevention. 

The Human Resources (HR) / personnel affairs department often has a development or training budget that can be spent on coaching, among other things. Coaching is relatively cheap and effective compared to other forms of personal development. That is why it is very often reimbursed and even encouraged by HR managers.

Trade unions and employers increasingly recognize the importance of personal development. There is a good chance that a development or training budget has been included in your CAO. You can find your collective labor agreement online or request it from the HR manager.