The training “Coach the Coach” provides you the expertise, tools, attitude and experiences that can be used to coach yourself and others. The training is divided into two coaching courses. You can opt for the one-on-one (9 lessons online or in person every two weeks), or within the group (9 online lessons every two weeks), with the facilitation year round in 2021.

With the help of the “Coach the Coach” program you will be given the opportunity to gain insight into points for challenges and opportunities and how to deal with personal experiences. This training will offer you self-coaching tools for your individual self-development. You will be taught to acquire the most important skills to effectively coach yourself with regard to among other communication, self-confidence and conflicts.

You will be able to guide your coachees successfully in a high level coaching setting in the themes of among other performance, work attitude, life balance, self-insight, communication, positive mindset, self-confidence, social skills and physical well-being. For individuals, businesses and schools it will be very useful, because the result can be higher performance, less dropout due to illness or underachievement, more balance and peaceful social interaction at the working place, more awareness of the possibilities to improve a daily lifestyle.

On the basis of clear agreements you can facilitate coaching in education under the supervision of Get Promoted Life during the training period.

With included:
– E-Books (2x)
– Intake interview and the coaching process
– Coaching principles: conversation techniques and attitude
– Non-verbal and verbal communication
– Action wheel, the success of life alignment, life course psychology
and personality analysis
– Evaluation methods for self-development, fulfillment, basic and secondary needs,
belief systems, skillset, talents and competences
– Analysis and concise problem and solution interpretation
– Visualization, creative problem solving
– Emotion management, stress- and energymanagement
– Sophisticated coaching tools for decision making
– Systemic work: setup and problem solving
– Career and Talent Constellation
– Body Rebalancing, Body Awareness
– Voice Dialogue
– Inner Child Work
– Mindfulness

The rates are determined according to the form of support you choose and whether you are a business or private individual. In a no-obligation and free introductory meeting (by telephone or Zoom) you will gain insight into what I can do for you within your budget. We discuss how your request might look like. Have a look here for your possibilities.

If you have any questions, then welcome. I am committed to mutual coordination with you where necessary. For more information or to make an appointment, I invite you to send your message to