Objections to coaching?

  • 3 juni 2020

So yes, I have researched why people are not feeling ready for coaching, that will result into an upgrade in their lives. I come up with 34 reasons. Have a look and find out if one or more of these reasons are holding you back to reinvent yourself and step into your happiness. I invite you for a free introductory to talk about any of your fears and blocks, which you might have to go for coaching and we will be working through it together! I am sure you won’t feel any hesitation anymore to step into your plan of success!

Underneath you will find the results. For more information or to make an appointment, I invite you to fill in the contact form via this link: contact form.

  1. Un worthy of spending money on themselves or not having enough time! 
  2. Fear of opening up wounds
  3. The ego mind making them feel as though they do not need to be better. That they are already fine as they are
  4. Intimidation of the service provided 
  5. Feeling as though they are below or unworthy of being helped 
  6. Feeling guilty for spending money 
  7. That others in their family or friends may judge them 
  8. That others would disapprove or not understand 
  9. Fear of commitment to self-development 
  10. Fear of becoming better
  11. Fear that if they do grow within themselves that they will outgrow others to whom they are attached to 
  12. Feeling as though the Coach isbetter than them and they cannot be seen as weak or lesser around them 
  13. Fear of being seen as weak or not perfect 
  14. That their illness, or needs for self-work are not as important as others 
  15. Comparing own problems to others 
  16. Feelings of overwhelm and anxiety
  17. Not yet enough money to spare on their goals 
  18. Feeling that their goal is too out of reach 
  19. Feeling that they do not have what it takes to get to their goal 
  20. Feeling unworthy of success 
  21. Feeling fear of failure 
  22. If failed, fear of being seen as a failure by others 
  23. Fear of succeeding 
  24. Fear of out growing their current life of safety 
  25. Fear of outgrowing relationships 
  26. Fear of hurting or stepping on others in the process of reaching their goal 
  27. Feeling that their dreams of success are not as important as others 
  28. Feeling guilt that they are focusing on themselves 
  29. Feeling as though they are selfish for having a mission 
  30. Feeling as though they are too good for your support and help 
  31. Feeling that they are already competent in their skills to achieve their dream 
  32. Not wanting to confront blocks that they have toward success 
  33. Fear of dissolving boundaries they have set to keep them safe and working easily 
  34. Fear of being seen more because of their success

Uniqueness, gifts and entanglements

  • 24 mei 2020

A beautiful day to you
Every day is a great time to collaborate and empower our life projects…

Are you aware of your Essence, your potential?
Could it be that we all experience our human in different ways, because we have a unique blueprint and organized life to evolve from into our self-realization? It is visible that treating ourselves, others, our planet with honoring and respect is a challenging class of consciousness for many of us. When we become more conscious, we will remember how to be sincere with ourselves and each other to realize an authentic exploration of life. By investigating and act upon our responsibilities, we stay balanced. We become an independent and fully grown being, with our unique Gifts manifested. We are able to look after our (inner) children, and balance our (inner) marriage: our woman, our man. Can you imagine how this will empower us? Not only our individuality, but the whole creation we are part of?

We are a human group, therefore I feel the importance of doing it together. Everyone has a talent, a Gift, knowledge to be shared and to upgrade Life with. We experience ourselves as the Gift, when we trust ourselves of being the Gift and being able to share ourselves freely without the fear of losing our innocence. The more we are open to share ourselves without fear, the easier we overcome attachments and entanglements. Attachments and entanglements are showing us that we are afraid and aren’t acknowledging our inner powers. We need this special other to exist, is what we are thinking. But is that entirely true Not being a healthy Earth, a healthy human kind, we may acknowledge that we are falling in and out of our highest alignments. There are influences from humans, other planets….. Much is unfolding and is challenging our human to undergo the evolution within our nature.
Instead of judging ourselves or each other, let’s embrace our ‘falling in and out’ and know that we are insightful and resourceful enough to always come back to our center. It’s just a matter of time. The more we stay present in the Now moment, taking care, the more we will lengthen our highest alignment.

Could it be that we won’t need to work with divorced mental forces like the will power only… but we will be able to co-create with an open heart, wise thinking, a joyful and healthy body and in co-creation with the Whole, when we surrender to our greatness Does this sound like walking our path in beauty? Are we able to inspire each other and become aware of the opportunities, and dare to walk and talk our unique beauty? Walking in beauty means to me also acknowledging and accepting our shadows, that will support us to evolve and align. Embracing everything that we are, is very empowering for our being. Because when we are exploring and inquiring our shadows, we are living and accepting our fullness. We unwrap ourselves into more authenticity and more freedom to enjoy life!


Setting regularly detailed intentions, has led into many incredible (working) assignments through my life. I have been very successful from a young age already with naturally attracting and completing self-discovery and consciousness projects, that will help men and women to upgrade their lives in all aspects My heart’s focus and being experienced in my unique Gift and energy are the keys to attract assignments. And this is possible for everyone if you know how play the game! There have also been periods in my life, when it was challenging to ground my Gifts and energy, because I felt disempowered. There was a challenge to stay in my power when entanglements (quantum confusion) was happening.


As I experience, we all consist of small subatomic particles. Our subatomic particles mix with the subatomic particles of another. Einstein wrote about this. In the new science we call it ‘quantum confusion’ and ‘entanglement’. When two persons are entangled with each other, they could empower or disempower energetically themselves and the other. This is nature’s unfolding. When person nr. 1 does not remain at his own center, is not feeling balanced and operates within the relation, then he might disempower person nr. 2 caused by an energetic disbalance. The result depends on the energetic reaction of the other. When both are in balance, there will be two extremely powerful forces combined.

An example of how we could lose our power: we can literally get confused or remain indecisive when another feels an opposing desire and we merge through a sensitivity and become influenced by this.
* This mind pattern starts mainly in our younger years. We would like to be part of our family and other group structures and we surrender our individuality for being together. We operate as what we think the collective field or this other person is asking from us. In this case we are not operating from our unique perspective anymore and disempower ourselves. Our thinking, behavior and feelings are changing. We might act more from the perspective of the ego and fear and ‘think’ that we are losing our innocence.

Question that arises: how are we able to stay in our empowerment no mather what?How are we able to attract abundance and be successful when we are entangled? Alignment, operating from individuality and uniqueness, will be our success! Acceptance and honoring our processes, and experiencing our vulnerability and self-protection systems of the Ego, is the only way to get back in our heart center again. A new phase of adulthood and self-love will arise, when we acknowledge the patterns and our taking care of our balance. I feel this action of clarifying and taking responsibility for my balance, is a major Gift to myself. It has upgraded my life extremely into love, freedom and peace.

If you would like to find your unique Gift, or find more understanding of what is happening in your life, please send me a pm and receive the awareness to upgrade your life instantly in your individual session. To make an appointment, I invite you to fill in the contact form via this link: contact form.

Stay in tune with yourself, in contact with your beloveds. Value your uniqueness and be the Gift to others.

I hope our paths will cross.

Heart greetings,

Sandra Bucher

PODCAST with Pregnancy, Birth & Beyond, Australia

  • 22 mei 2020

Oni Belcher (PB&B Australia) interviews me next month about my life’s mission. My job is to get people back on track; the path of their life purpose.

As we age, it can sometimes seem as if we are not progressing in specific areas of ourselves. We may feel that we have sacrificed our goal – that we don’t feel fully alive every day, or think we may never be able to reach our goals in life. Whether it is a promotion, a career, a more successful company or a relationship in our home situation.

– But why is it that we cannot identify our life mission and achieve goals?
– And what makes it so essential to keep the balance and love for what we do in our lives?
– How can we be supported in the early years, to live our purpose with ease?

We can’t start early enough with exploring our authentic path; the more empowered we are in our younger years, the easier it is to stay aligned with our purpose and achieve a higher quality of life when we grow older. Already in the younger years balance, own authority and autonomy are important to take care for. I will share my vision and ideas with PB&B.

Stay tuned and keep an eye on the website (www.getpromotedlife.com) for more information on the date and time of the worldwide radio broadcast or send a message (info@getpromotedlife.com) to be informed. The podcast will be released soon.

Laura and Russell Brand were recently interviewed. It is worth taking a look at the website (www.pbbmedia.org)

Coaching opportunity JT FOXX

  • 2 mei 2020

I recommend a Coach to everyone, to keep your goals, visions and missions sharp. I coach people to keep the balance and love for what they do, to realize the life they have always wanted, but never lived. My coaching is about upgrading my clients’ private lives and careers to a higher quality form. And I also need coaching.

I have asked JT FOXX for coaching in the field of Marketing. In no time (30 minutes) he turned off my brand and marketing. I am very much looking forward to the next JT FOXX coaching sessions in the coming month(s).

JT FOXX presents itself as the No. 1 high level Business Coach and Wellness Coach worldwide and has been extremely successful. He started several million companies around the world, became one of the most sought after motivational speakers and has been recognized as one of the best wealth coaches in the world, all through the art of partnering, branding, networking and marketing.

There is an option to receive a consultation (s) of 30 minutes of coaching (limited places): https://www.coachmejt.com/

Be quick! It is more than worth your investment. He has a unique way of screening what is necessary to take you and your company to a higher level of entrepreneurship.

Of course you can further expand its services. http://jtfoxxorg.com

One day described, Intensive Ibiza

  • 26 april 2020

The Intensive is an individual, multi-day awareness process. This multi-day course provides insight into what you really need as a basis. My client wanted to receive her nine-day ‘Intensive’ on a sunny island. She wanted to experience the essence in her life.

Looking back

With gratitude I look back at this beautiful private retreat, the Intensive. I have been touched by the vulnerability and openings that my client had experienced. She took off her masks and released limiting identities. Her head released ‘old’ thoughts. I intuitively assisted her in her self-examination, to come to insights via Soul Inquiries, the inner journey and the body dialogue. Her body was supported with Wataflow and Access Bars to be able to feel deeper, detoxify and release tension.

By temporarily stepping out of her well-known routines and going into a retreat, she could see more clearly what was happening in her life. Her approach was negative at the beginning, but we went through it together to arrive at a consciously loving approach. Every day she felt more what she really wanted in her relationships and with her physical and mental health. And now, after her homecoming, her challenge really starts … because how do you bring everything that you have gained in life with you? The keys are: (self) acceptance and self-respect, seeing where opportunities are, decisiveness, courage, transparent communication with yourself and your environment. These are the keys to letting go of the old and actually making change possible. Her self-confidence and insight are now so much bigger, to step through from here into the new … These are the basic steps to a conscious, balanced and happy life!

A day from the ‘Intensive’

10: 30-11:00… to go through the day’s interpretation, contemplation
11: 00-13:00.. self-examination of two hours
13: 00-14:00.. lunch, time for personal interpretation
14: 00-16:00.. self-examination of two hours
16: 00-16:30.. looking back on the day
From 16:30 hours the day was open for her own interpretation.
(Optional: body massage by a masseuse after 16:30…)

* With possibilities for the sessions: aqua work (Wataflow), Soul Inquiry, contemplation, Inner Journey, body dialogue, systemic work (family or career set-up, voice dialogue) and Access Bars. The program was partly fixed and partly for interpretation by the moment itself. Besides the ten sessions, she also wanted to experience the island. We have been to the most beautiful places.
After the ‘Intensive’ there will be contact moments to support her to integrate everything that has been experienced.

Do you want to experience an Intensive?

I look forward to providing an ‘Intensive’ for you too. For more information or to make an appointment, I invite you to fill in the contact form via this link: contact form.

The Inquiry

  • 3 april 2020

How can the Inquiry support you in your private life and work situation?
All of your questions can be answered in a self-examination. It supports you in gaining insight into where you get into resistance and still hold on to a story. It will be easier to listen to yourself, your feelings and body signals. You see through your resistance and how this expresses itself in your life. You become aware of deceptions, diversions and temptations, including undermining behavioral- and life patterns. It supports you to speak the truth about who you are, what you can do and what your heart is about. Your body can feel (more) free of cramping and tension. The desire for fulfillment might even be fully gone, because you can feel nourished from within. Can you imagine what this does to you and your life?

The Inquiry is a self-examination method in which you go into depth with a partner to receive answers to essential questions. One of the two is the questioner and the other answers for his own self-examination. In advance, a question is agreed, which the questioner repeats several times. This way the partner has the opportunity to experience the question on all levels. The roles then turn around and the questioner becomes the person who enters the self-examination. The chosen question is continually repeated for an even deeper experience at all levels, which can go beyond words, remain only with a physical experience or lead to stillness. During an Inquiry you listen as much as possible without judgment, interruption or paying attention to emerging thoughts. You sit opposite to each other and choose for a relaxed breathing, with the intention that you embrase the moment as it is. Breathing helps the body and the mind to relax and integrate the total experience. Watch the other. Breathe through any discomfort, stay focussed and in contact.

The essential question you could coördinate together. Four examples of questions that enable you to go into depth are:
– What is your desire?
– What do you feel?
– What do you want to experience?
– What makes you thankful?

Why would you start the day with an Inquiry?
Together you create a field of consciousness in which transparency, being sincere with yourself and each other, and open contact are central. It opens you on the deeper levels and it gives direction to your day.

I would like to encourage you to inquire. Be welcome for your self-examination to bring your life to a higher quality or inquiry with your relations at home and work. It brings quality in daily life and empowers relationships.

Project Centre Jatiluwih, Bali

  • 6 januari 2020

In light of the global transformation and awakening in consciousness I am assisting individuals and organizations to access the full individual and collective potential. With this thought, I brought the Green School on Bali a visit. Perdana was working as a Consultant at the Green School. We got into a nice open discussion about the results of ‘green’ education. Perdana told me about his center in the mountains of central Bali, Jatiluwih, where he offers green education. Playfully, meaning is given to the importance of nature-oriented growing up and raising. This means using all elements that occur in nature to be able to provide food for life. I have visited his center in the mountains. His centre appears to be an infinite source of information, knowledge and nutrition. There is an incredible amount to experience in and with Nature. It would be wonderful if his center were more financial and material supported. If something resonates in you regarding the green education and you would like to support the centre of Perdana, then please inform to receive more information about this project by sending your message to info@getpromotedlife.com. I will be glad to inform you.

The website of the Green School can be found via this link. Definitely worth a visit.

Coaching into Job Interview

  • 3 januari 2020

As a freelancer, I provide assignments for businesses and clients in various regions in the world, and also online sessions to be well prepared for a job interview.

Whether you are successful in a job interview – is also determined by your presentation. What are your options for profiling yourself as the new acquisition for the organization? How do you express your qualities, passion and possibilities?

Discover the keys to your successful experience. By reflecting and reflecting, I assist you in your personal and professional development as a good preparation for your job interview. You receive tailored advice in areas such as: communication, expertise, external presentation, behavior and attitude.

The emphasis of the coaching and training lies:

  • Communicate effectively, efficiently and authentically.
  • Presenting your I-brand: who am I? What do I want? What can I? What is my mission and vision?
  • Appearance presentation and attitude.
  • Connecting to supply and demand.

Let us together make a success of your next application!

For more information or to make an appointment, I invite you to fill in the contact form via this link: contact form.

Vulnerability and bullying, Intensive La Palma

  • 7 november 2019

During the nine day private retreat on the Island La Palma, the topic ‘feeling bullied’ came up again. I feel very inspired to share my perspective on this topic as  a possible inspiration to evolve together in a higher advanced consciousness (human) group, in which we transcend the world into a more healthy society.

I regularly find women and men who feel bullied, belittled or humiliated. It may sometimes last for years. When I investigate the essences, I see that the person who is the plaything or the piss pole is too self-sufficient and not able to defend itself. That is being played back.

It starts innocently: a joke is made from time to time. However, over time realities are pulled out of context and this can seriously damage the identity of this person, with major consequences for the sense of security and self-respect.

Can this be traced back to the channel’s abuse of power to avoid recognizing its own fears and uncertainties? Maybe there is a forbidden love for the person being bullied or has a rejection been experienced? Touched the ego? And does imbalance arise in the relationship?

Expressions of harassment: the persistent mocking or identification of someone in a weakened form can apparently already feel like an harassment. For example, by writing songs or stories, making a caricature of the person. Everything that focuses on a person with a clear broadcast of an undermining message can already ‘touch’ the consciousness and energy- or pain field of the recipient.

We are a world human community. Safety serves the group heart consciousness of us all, so also for basic reasons the affirmation of another through positive reinforcement may be the way, right?

In my overall research, I see that the bullying stops when the channel sees through itself and focuses its attention on something else. Or up until the moment that the receiver stands in his own power and is no longer receptive. When he can protect himself if necessary and, above all, is able to declare himself the purest love. 

Sometimes, it will take years before an inner strength and love consciousness can come through in the person being bullied … Of course this is the Lesson of life! And it can inspire you to go all the way for yourself and, with decisiveness, make an even deeper connection to your Heart and your soul …. your independence and self-reliance.

But I also see that not everyone is able to stand up in their power of self-love. It is because of this, that they might lose themselves. Young people in particular are losing their ability to protect themselves and their self-respect. First, they have to learn how to limit themselves from a higher consciousness. Young people drop out of school … Or isolate themselves from the group … It might cause behavioral problems, disorders, etc.

I discuss this topic from my heart, because I see young people stuck, while there is so much quality and will visible. Will we create more awareness on our thinking, speaking and broadcasting? And see that before it starts to live in us, already start to feel in ourselves? What does our essence really want to share? Do we want the other to be stronger, more beautiful or better, because we feel something in ourselves that we avoid? Feel how it will affect you…

Sandra Bucher

Support the local population, Afrika

  • 6 februari 2018

During my stay in Gambia, Africa, I’ve daily met children and adults who live in great poverty in the local villages. Their circumstances are extremely challenging and sometimes even life-threatening. I visited a primary school in Serrekunda, where 4,051 children are following the courses. It became clear to me that there is much more material needed to support the students during their education.

I have asked myself: how can those who’d like to contribute to a solution, act in the most efficient and effective way, so that the help arrives as directly as possible in the local villages?

What is needed, as among other things: food, medical services, medicines, clothing, money, improvement in physical living and working spaces, education, study books, writing materials etc.

If you travel to Gambia, you could bring these materials with you and distribute them to the people in the villages and local organizations. Everything is appreciated and is worth a lot. A (study) book is already a huge gift.

If you want to help from abroad, approach educated mediators for a logistical advice.

I have experienced in my research in Gambia that many organizations are in progress and are undoubtedly doing a good job, but they are not expert or ‘healthy’ enough to realize success. I have selected two organizations which, according to my observation, have a lot of knowledge, the right network and useful resources.

Possible contacts:

1) Goods for Gambia

E-mail: bahdansa@yahoo.co.uk (Mr. Dansa Bah), info@goodsforgambia.nl Website: www.goodsforgambia.nl.

2) Artsen zonder Grenzen
Website: https://www.artsenzondergrenzen.nl/help-mee

And another option:
The Primary primary school in Serrekunde
Ask Marie Kumba about the possibilities to support their education system.
E-mail: mariekumba@hotmail.com (Mvr. Kumba)
Link: https://www.mundusmaris.org/index.php/en/youth/gambia/650-serrekunda.

If this is resonating with you, then the organizations above, the Serrekunda school and I would like to inform you about the next steps. Be welcome!

I warmly invite you to share this message.

With gratitude,

Sandra A. Bucher

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