• 6 augustus 2020

I am writing my brand new e-book on how to empower your private and business life by living your soul purpose.

If you would like to receive it too, then send me your request and I’ll send it to you when it’s ready!

If you know anyone who would be energized by the idea of receiving this free E-BOOK, please share their names as well.

Warm regards, Sandra

My 6000,- euro Give Away!

  • 6 augustus 2020

𝙈𝙮 6000,- EURO 𝙂𝙄𝙑𝙀𝘼𝙒𝘼𝙔 !!

Dear friends,

As you may know, during my career I have assisted 𝗼𝘃𝗲𝗿 𝟱𝟬𝟬𝟬 men or women in expanding their self-awareness, grounding trust and confidence, and level-up their career, personal life and body health.

I have announced that I am writing my BRAND NEW E-BOOK ‘Essence Of Life’ on HOW TO EMPOWER YOUR PERSONAL AND BUSINESS LIFE BY LIVING YOU SOUL PURPOSE! Sign up to receive it via

Now, I’m looking for 3 people who want to receive a free coaching for three months! I will invest these 3 months of my own time and 6000,- euros to invest in you to help you level up and manifest with your greater potential!

It is possible to create a powerful natural flow in your life and manifest it directly as you wish. I would like to share my knowledge, the do’s and don’ts with you to realize your goals and become successful.

𝐌𝐚𝐱 𝟑 𝐩𝐞𝐨𝐩𝐥𝐞. 🌞 𝐃𝐞𝐭𝐚𝐢𝐥𝐬 𝐭𝐨 𝐜𝐨𝐦𝐞.

𝐖𝐡𝐨 𝐰𝐚𝐧𝐭𝐬 𝐢𝐧? Share your request in a mail to!

Share with a friend who can benefit from this.

Warm regards,

Sandra Adrienne Bucher

PODCAST “In Search of Love”

  • 28 juli 2020

PODCAST “In Search of Love”

If you have any questions, please submit them and send your PM.

Annet Burgers interviews Dutch experience experts about life in a composite family for her program. With questions like: How did you experience your childhood? How did it affect you? And how do you experience it now? The stories inspire and give advice. They can be listened to via SoundCloud

On Monday, Annet Burgers interviews me about my life, in which I share how I grow up from a scared but courageous highly sensitive child,
to a highly educated but unbalanced teenager,
to the woman I am now, who uses her sensory potential to support people in work, private and life balance. Love has been The inspirator and healer in getting to where I am now.

I will take along, advices to empower a highly sensitive woman or man of all ages, so that a balanced lifestyle is realized, or you can position yourself in your highly sensitive strength and entrepreneurship. If you have any questions about this topic, please submit them and send your PM.

I look forward to this podcast! I hope you too!

Stay tuned for the date when the Podcast will be released!

PODCAST ” Live your purpose, avoid misguidance “

  • 25 juli 2020

PODCAST “Live your purpose, avoid misguidance”

Life is a unique experience, and bodies are not the same, as are the chapters of life in which people find themselves. Therefore, there is no ultimate truth about what is “good” and what is “not good.”

In the Podcast, I invite you to reflect on your unique perspectives and responsibilities to achieve a healthy and balanced lifestyle. I will voice my self-research, as well as the experiences of many other women and men (of all ages) that I have supported, in these podcasts.

Oni Blecher (Pregnancy Earth & Beyond) interviews me regarding the ideas and perspectives:

* How can we live up to our highest truth, live our purpose, pursue our goals?
* How to recognize what keeps us in balance and what doesn’t?
* How can external influences misguide us?
* How can we support our children to stay on track and not be misguided?

You can listen part 1 of the Podcast via this link.

These Podcasts will be a follow-up to the podcast in which Oni Blecher (Pregnancy Earth & Beyond, interviews me about the consequences and the problemshooting for disharmony family-, relationships. This worldwide radio broadcast will be released on August 25.

We invite you to send your questions, because, glad we are to include and inform you too! Please send your request to

Manifest your abundance: expand your skill set

  • 24 juli 2020

I am doing it! Are you? I was wishing a jacuzzi in the backyard… It has been realized.

What will be your wish? Your wishes can be manifested by you too! Really? YES!

Resonating on specific frequencies ‘the realization of my wishes’ and staying true to the frequency of their realization, plus taking the right actions have never let me down. Because the outcome of what I wanted has always been realized.

What do you want to create in your life? Do you want to live more in abundance? Have the love of your life in your arms?

Be sincere with yourself and what you would like to attract in your life. Be loyal and honest with yourself: is this really what I want? You always get what you unconsciously want. Therefore, be aware of (brain) manipulation games that can take you further from realization. Your subconscious mind is able to separate you from your desired manifestation.

Maybe you will need my support to direct you to your blindfolds, so that you will see where you are not 100% clear or sincere with yourself. A one-on-one coaching will be very supportive. There are profound methods that will help you work with your greater potential. It is possible to create a powerful natural flow in your life and to immediately manifest as you want.

I would like to share my knowledge, the do’s and don’ts with you, to realize your goals and become successful. You will gain a deeper understanding of how to easily manifest your success.


Register for a free introductory talk. The online one-on-one coaching or group training will start soon. More info? Send your pm.

Heart greetings,

Sandra Adrienne Bucher


  • 13 juli 2020

Wataflow is an aquatic body work. It is not only a water massage, but also a deep, beautiful healing journey that allows you to relax and get clear insights. You learn to listen in a refined way to your body and inner signals. Emotional, mental and physical blockages are released. Traumas are solved.

In a safe and gradual movement, your body and mind learn what natural relaxation and breathing are. Every session is often being experienced as a deep rebirth. It supports you to be more confident, centered and free in life. A Wataflow session helps you with questions in the areas of: love, inner peace, security, power / powerlessness, intimacy, limits, hypersensitivity, talent and career, money, body and health, relationships, study, personal and business leadership, soul destination and meaning. Each session is a unique experience.

Wataflow is performed in a one-to-one water session in a (heated) swimming pool, lake or sea. You will mainly float on the water.

In a session, I exercise, stretch and massage your body. Through the water and the movements, your mind will be less active and your body relaxes. I look at the subtle changes that are going on in you. Together we create a safe space in which you can experience yourself. A Wataflow session usually takes 1.5 to 2 hours. We spend a large part of the time in the water. There is also room for questions and division.

Please send me a message for more information.

The Inquiry

  • 13 juli 2020

How can the Inquiry support you in your private life and work situation?
All of your questions can be answered in a self-examination. It supports you in gaining insight into where you get into resistance and still hold on to a story. It will be easier to listen to yourself, your feelings and body signals. You see through your resistance and how this expresses itself in your life. You become aware of deceptions, diversions and temptations, including undermining behavioral- and life patterns. It supports you to speak the truth about who you are, what you can do and what your heart is about. Your body can feel (more) free of cramping and tension. The desire for fulfillment might even be fully gone, because you can feel nourished from within. Can you imagine what this does to you and your life?

The Inquiry is a self-examination method in which you go into depth with a partner to receive answers to essential questions. One of the two is the questioner and the other answers for his own self-examination. In advance, a question is agreed, which the questioner repeats several times. This way the partner has the opportunity to experience the question on all levels. The roles then turn around and the questioner becomes the person who enters the self-examination. The chosen question is continually repeated for an even deeper experience at all levels, which can go beyond words, remain only with a physical experience or lead to stillness. During an Inquiry you listen as much as possible without judgment, interruption or paying attention to emerging thoughts. You sit opposite to each other and choose for a relaxed breathing, with the intention that you embrase the moment as it is. Breathing helps the body and the mind to relax and integrate the total experience. Watch the other. Breathe through any discomfort, stay focussed and in contact.

The essential question you could coördinate together. Four examples of questions that enable you to go into depth are:
– What is your desire?
– What do you feel?
– What do you want to experience?
– What makes you thankful?

Why would you start the day with an Inquiry?
Together you create a field of consciousness in which transparency, being sincere with yourself and each other, and open contact are central. It opens you on the deeper levels and it gives direction to your day.

I would like to encourage you to inquire. Be welcome for your self-examination to bring your life to a higher quality or inquiry with your relations at home and work. It brings quality in daily life and empowers relationships.

PODCAST “Gifts from Self-Inquiry”

  • 13 juli 2020

PODCAST “Gifts from Self-Inquiry”

With topics:
Body Awareness
Relative and ultimate level of truth
Pure loving awareness
Negativity and health consequences
Cancer and other complications
Different self-inquiries methods
The road of Health

Welcome. Anand Wells Rahasya, explorer of Inner Realms and Natural Health is with me in the podcast. We met each other in Byron Bay, Australia. In this podcast we share about the importance of the Self-Inquiry, which can be experienced by everyone. The Self-Inquiry gives us the opportunity to explore a quality listening to the body knowledge and body signals, to find our direction in life.


More info: (Anand, coaching for your body health and high quality Vitamine C supply) (Sandra, coaching for your private and work life, self-inquiry assistance, eyegazing, private retreats)

Life Strategy; approaches that lead to action

  • 22 juni 2020

A 20 minute daily Life Strategy Coaching will help to realize an overview of the things that need to be done. We could start with a Life Strategy Coaching each morning to bring awareness, inspiration and insight to the talents, possibilities and blockades in our personal and career life. Through mirroring and reflecting, we obtain a new perspective on ourselves and our lives. We will see how we can balance our life more by answering the essential questions.

Sometimes we may find ourselves blindfolded. In these particular moments we need a Coach in our lives, a right hand, that will help us. I would always recommend a Coach by your side, so that you may be provided with new perspectives and opportunities. The outcome of a Life Strategy Coaching where I stand by with coaching, has been recorded and transcribed partly by Joyce Voorrips in an easy to understand version.

Life Strategy; approaches that lead to action in case of strong emotions or feelings
When you are experiencing a strong feeling or an emotion, there are different strategies to manage this. Go through the options down below whenever you feel like something is holding you back or challenges you. Every option has its own potential, and thus something to give you. Explore the four options to learn which one(s) would suit you best in the moment. Please reach out to me, if you would like to be supported in the discovery of these options or if you would like to know more. For more information or to make an appointment, I invite you to fill in the contact form via this link: contact form.

  1. Go through your emotions on an inner journey

When you have the possibility to research your emotions in the moment, and work through them, then go for this. I would highly recommend this. This way, you can balance and stabilize the feelings and emotions. Then, after, you will be able to follow back into your footsteps with a more neutral and balanced feeling. With a clear mind, you will notice that you can act on them in a more balanced way.

In a body coaching session I will show you how you enter a body-mind-heart journey for a powerful release.

  1. Set it aside, return to it at another time

When the situation is requesting you to move forward in your projects and the moment is not offering you the space to go into a body-mind-heart journey (during a teammeeting for example), then make the decision to do it later. For example when you have a meeting with your boss and there is no space for feelings and emotions. Make the commitment with yourself and choose your time to go for it! You will let them go for a while and look back at them later. Every time that you’re experiencing high emotions, you regard them respectfully but do not act on them yet. Instead, you finish the things that you are doing and may schedule in a moment later on to go back to them and listen to everything that is coming/has come up in your emotional body.

  1. Don’t do anything

You don’t go on an inner journey to explore your feelings. With this third option, you are not creating something, but you’re allowing yourself to become still. In this passivity, you’re supporting your body to release that what had come up. Sometimes, feelings may come out of this, too (like on an inner journey), but in this third option you don’t choose the path of going into an exploration with yourself. You’re simply being. In a coaching session I will show you how you enter a so-called passive meditation.

  1. Do something else

The fourth opportunity is to stop with whatever you are doing, and go for a completely different activity. You are changing your action and step out of the accompanying thoughts, feelings and actions. Meanwhile, you will step into another one. This may give you the experience of separation, providing you with more time and space return to the first action with a different perception, thought and/or feeling. Instead of clinging to the finishing of your first action, you let go of the attachment, and may even get inspired or energized by the second one. In a coaching I will support you in changing lanes and being productive.

“No reasons for Coaching?”

  • 3 juni 2020

In my experience we could undergo a major transformation when we no longer operate out of our towers, but from the ground up and in 360 degree feedback structures, in which we help each other to upgrade our lives and businesses. Shouldn’t we all need a Coach, maybe even more Coaches, that will result into an upgrade in our lives?

Underneath you will find the reasons why people are not choosing a coaching traject to support themselves. Have a look and find out if one or more of these reasons are holding you back to reinvent yourself and step into your happiness. I invite you for a free introductory to talk about any of your fears and blocks, which you might have to go for coaching and we will be working through it together! Or have a look at the results of the coaching here for work results and here for private lives results. I am sure you won’t feel any hesitation anymore to step into your plan of exploring a more meaningful life.

For more information or to make an appointment, I invite you to fill in the contact form via this link: contact form.

  1. Un worthy of spending money on themselves or not having enough time! 
  2. Fear of opening up wounds
  3. The ego mind making them feel as though they do not need to be better. That they are already fine as they are
  4. Intimidation of the service provided 
  5. Feeling as though they are below or unworthy of being helped 
  6. Feeling guilty for spending money 
  7. That others in their family or friends may judge them 
  8. That others would disapprove or not understand 
  9. Fear of commitment to self-development 
  10. Fear of becoming better
  11. Fear that if they do grow within themselves that they will outgrow others to whom they are attached to 
  12. Feeling as though the Coach isbetter than them and they cannot be seen as weak or lesser around them 
  13. Fear of being seen as weak or not perfect 
  14. That their illness, or needs for self-work are not as important as others 
  15. Comparing own problems to others 
  16. Feelings of overwhelm and anxiety
  17. Not yet enough money to spare on their goals 
  18. Feeling that their goal is too out of reach 
  19. Feeling that they do not have what it takes to get to their goal 
  20. Feeling unworthy of success 
  21. Feeling fear of failure 
  22. If failed, fear of being seen as a failure by others 
  23. Fear of succeeding 
  24. Fear of out growing their current life of safety 
  25. Fear of outgrowing relationships 
  26. Fear of hurting or stepping on others in the process of reaching their goal 
  27. Feeling that their dreams of success are not as important as others 
  28. Feeling guilt that they are focusing on themselves 
  29. Feeling as though they are selfish for having a mission 
  30. Feeling as though they are too good for your support and help 
  31. Feeling that they are already competent in their skills to achieve their dream 
  32. Not wanting to confront blocks that they have toward success 
  33. Fear of dissolving boundaries they have set to keep them safe and working easily 
  34. Fear of being seen more because of their success
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