Vulnerability and bullying, Intensive La Palma

  • 7 november 2019

During the nine day private retreat on the Island La Palma, the topic ‘feeling bullied’ came up again. I feel very inspired to share my perspective on this topic as  a possible inspiration to evolve together in a higher advanced consciousness (human) group, in which we transcend the world into a more healthy society.

I regularly find women and men who feel bullied, belittled or humiliated. It may sometimes last for years. When I investigate the essences, I see that the person who is the plaything or the piss pole is too self-sufficient and not able to defend itself. That is being played back.

It starts innocently: a joke is made from time to time. However, over time realities are pulled out of context and this can seriously damage the identity of this person, with major consequences for the sense of security and self-respect.

Can this be traced back to the channel’s abuse of power to avoid recognizing its own fears and uncertainties? Maybe there is a forbidden love for the person being bullied or has a rejection been experienced? Touched the ego? And does imbalance arise in the relationship?

Expressions of harassment: the persistent mocking or identification of someone in a weakened form can apparently already feel like an harassment. For example, by writing songs or stories, making a caricature of the person. Everything that focuses on a person with a clear broadcast of an undermining message can already ‘touch’ the consciousness and energy- or pain field of the recipient.

We are a world human community. Safety serves the group heart consciousness of us all, so also for basic reasons the affirmation of another through positive reinforcement may be the way, right?

In my overall research, I see that the bullying stops when the channel sees through itself and focuses its attention on something else. Or up until the moment that the receiver stands in his own power and is no longer receptive. When he can protect himself if necessary and, above all, is able to declare himself the purest love. 

Sometimes, it will take years before an inner strength and love consciousness can come through in the person being bullied … Of course this is the Lesson of life! And it can inspire you to go all the way for yourself and, with decisiveness, make an even deeper connection to your Heart and your soul …. your independence and self-reliance.

But I also see that not everyone is able to stand up in their power of self-love. It is because of this, that they might lose themselves. Young people in particular are losing their ability to protect themselves and their self-respect. First, they have to learn how to limit themselves from a higher consciousness. Young people drop out of school … Or isolate themselves from the group … It might cause behavioral problems, disorders, etc.

I discuss this topic from my heart, because I see young people stuck, while there is so much quality and will visible. Will we create more awareness on our thinking, speaking and broadcasting? And see that before it starts to live in us, already start to feel in ourselves? What does our essence really want to share? Do we want the other to be stronger, more beautiful or better, because we feel something in ourselves that we avoid? Feel how it will affect you…

Sandra Bucher