What is Access Bars?
The Access Bars from Access Consciousness is a manual and pragmatic body treatment to support body and mind in internally cleaning the body of waste and toxins. This process is experienced as a head and body massage in one. The name “Bars” is a collective name for an energy path that goes into your body. Each Bar corresponds to and is named after an aspect in your life. There are Bars for your body, healing, control, awareness, creativity, strength, aging, sexuality, pleasure, sadness, time and space, communication, etc.

How does a session work and what does it do?
During a treatment I lightly touch the Bars on your head, hands and feet, in different combinations. Checking the Bars is a process, in which you are fully clothed and lie on your back. I touch the 32 Bars (points) on your head in different compositions. Your body discharges, flows and returns to a natural state. This is comparable to a ‘defragmentation’ of the Hard Drive of your computer. Old ‘files’ and unused ‘programs’ that take up space and make your computer heavy and overloaded are removed.

What are the benefits of having the Bars checked?
Many people experience a lot of space in their head after a Bars session and feel more vital in their body. There is more awareness and clarity on essential questions in life. Also physical and mental problems often disappear after one Bars session.

The effects
– Breakthrough in thinking and belief patterns
– Self-confidence, focus and concentration
– Letting go of self-criticism, negativity, emotional and mental stress
– Self-healing and rejuvenation
– Detox, stimulate cells and improve your immune system
– Experience high sensitivity, ADD and ADHD differently
– Feel lighter, freer, more energetic, more spontaneous and more vital

Science and the Bars?
Science tells us that the original spherical shape of your cells slowly changes into an egg shape under the influence of thoughts, feelings and emotions. This is the precursor to a disease. By ‘running’ the Bars, this process frees the cells from the harmful influences, so that they usually return to their original spherical, healthy and well-functioning shape. Measurements of the brain waves during a Bars session indicate that the intensity of this changes. In normal waking mode, the brain releases beta waves. During relaxation, the brain switches to alpha waves. In very deep relaxation they become theta waves. This also occurs with long-term meditation. During the running of De Bars, theta waves are measured. These waves promote the repair and building of healthy functioning cells.

How many treatments are needed?
The number of treatments depends on you. With a cold, cramp, fatigue or headache, a single treatment is often sufficient. With chronic complaints, multiple treatments are required. After the treatment, you can have yourself maintained. One treatment per quarter or per half year greatly increases your well-being.

For more information or to make an appointment, I invite you to send your message to info@sandrabucher.com.