We like to be part of a network. Inspired by global operations, we have been joining forces on the global market since 2009. In America, Australia, Asia and Europe, clients are served personally or via the online Zoom/Skype connection. Director of Golden Management Advice, Sandra Adrienne Bucher, supports humanity in conscious evolution….


Horizon in Life
I am aligned with my life purpose and mission, which is helping people to change their lives by providing awareness and quality tools to create life-changing experiences. People are driven to high performance in business, career and private life.

High attunement to my life purpose
I have a high perception capacity and screening capabilities that allows me to focus sharply and making it possible to provide clarity and immediate successful solutions. When I tune into a situation or person, I can explore and easily define what doesn’t flow naturally. I can read unique blueprints and instantly know how to help individuals and companies to release/transmute that which is not flowing at all levels, to arise naturally and be in full force. In 2008 I experienced a profound change in my life as I learned more about the reorientation of the subconscious fields of consciousness. By specializing in this I have lifted my services to a higher level.

Target Audience and Collaborations
Since 20 years and until now I have been supporting individuals, groups, small businesses in personal/business development and high performance strategy. With an integrated approach aimed at a total balance, I inform my clients to operate more successfully and with meaning. Teaching others how to get through challenging transitions is what I love to do. I use different working styles, in line with the (un) conscious needs of my clients. I provide the experience, insight and intellectual challenge to advance to the next level.

Work activities, certifications and education from 1995 – present
For a comprehensive overview of my past work and education, please read my LINKEDIN profile.
By joining companies and facilitating Human Resource Management, Life Strategy, Business and High Performance Advisory, I have developed my expertise and skills in analyzing the potential of people and groups and facilitating transformation for organizations and individuals.
Extensively I have traveled through Australia, Africa, Asia and Europe. I like to be part of a network that grows together to a higher level of awareness and collaboration.

Qualities / hobbies
Networking, nature walk, speaking, cooking, traveling, artistic creativity, dancing, conscious
, sports, writing, meditating, contemplating, strategic thinking, intuitive perception.

What are important values ​​for me
– To be straightforward, results-oriented, empowering and supportive
– Enthusiasm, optimism, energized, open-mindedness
– Focus on the Now and the Future
– Visionary, pioneer, entrepreneur
– Transparency, authenticity and sincerity
– Growing together to a higher level of consciousness, felt in heart and soul

Lovely to meet you!

Heart greetings,

Sandra Adrienne Bucher