Inspired by new co-creations Sandra Adrienne Bucher has been operating in the global market since 2009. Customers are served in person or via the online Zoom / Skype connection in Europe, America, Asia and Australia. She works with organizations, different business relations and individuals to join forces. 


Horizon in Life
I am here to rediscover myself, support and keep space for humanity in conscious evolution. I am aligned with my life purpose and mission, which is changing the lives of many people by providing awareness and quality tools to create life-changing experiences. People are driven to high performance in business, career and private life through the use of dynamic and focused goals.

High attunement to my life purpose
I have a high perception capacity, which allows me to focus sharply. When I tune in to a situation or person, I can explore and easily define what doesn’t flow naturally. I can read unique blueprints and instantly know how to help people/companies to release/transmute that which is not flowing at all levels, to arise naturally and be in full force! In 2008 I experienced a profound change in my life as I learned more about the reorientation of the subconscious fields of consciousness. By specializing in this I have lifted my services to a higher level. I developed a hyperfocus and unique screening capabilities to provide clarity and immediate successful solutions.

Target Audience and Collaborations
Since 19 years and until now I have been supporting individuals, groups, small businesses in personal/business development and high performance strategy. With an integrated approach aimed at a total balance, I support my clients to operate more successfully and with meaning. Teaching others how to get through challenging transitions is what I love to do. I use different working styles, in line with the (un) conscious needs of my clients. I provide the experience, insight and intellectual challenge to advance to the next level! By joining companies from 2002 to 2009 and facilitating Human Resource Management, Life Strategy, Business and High Performance Coaching, I have developed my expertise and skills in analyzing the potential of people and groups and facilitating transformation for organizations and individuals. From 2009 to the present I have supported parents and children for organizations and as a freelancer in creating a healthy lifestyle and communication style that helps parents to use their learning experiences for the success of themselves and their children in family life, society and in business. Since 2015 I have traveled extensively through Asia, Europe, Africa and Australia. I like to be part of a network that grows together to a higher level of awareness and collaboration. I have served personally or via the online Zoom/Skype connection.

Work activities, certifications and education from 1995 – present
For a comprehensive overview of my past work and education, please read my LinkedIn profile.

Qualities / hobbies
Nature walk, singing, speaking, cooking, traveling, artistic work, make music intuitively, dancing, conscious
networking, channeling, sports, intuitive scanning, modeling, acting, writing, meditating, contemplating, strategic thinking, intuitive perception.

What are important values ​​for me
– To be straightforward, results-oriented, empowering and supportive
– Enthusiasm, optimism, energized, open-mindedness
– Focus on the Now and the Future
– Visionary, pioneer, entrepreneur
– Transparency, authenticity and sincerity
– Growing together to a higher level of consciousness, felt in heart and soul

Lovely to meet you!

Heart greetings,

Sandra Adrienne Bucher