Introduction Director and Founder of Golden Management Advice 
Golden Management Advice is a consultancy that supports entrepreneurs and companies towards new experiences. Men and women are supported to increase their success by providing a high-level advisory and sounding board. The most essential themes come into the spotlight to make the best life and career choices.

I am Sandra Adrienne Bucher, Director and Founder of Golden Management Advice. Visionary, pioneer and entrepreneur. Inspired by global activities and human-conscious evolution, I have joined forces as an entrepreneur in the global market with America, Australia, Asia and Europe since 2009. Clients and professionals have been served personally or via the digital connection.

Mission / Strategy / Vision
Since 2002, I am passionately aligned with my life’s mission by providing people ‘golden choices‘ to empower and manage what they need in life. I feel we can achieve anything when we passionately commit to a new outcome. I believe we are able to sophisticate and explore higher agreements to operate more successfully and meaningfully. I have supported my clients with a powerful strategy by providing awareness, dynamic tools and opportunities to enhance, while creating new expectations that lead to renewed experiences in private and corporate environment. By using a high capacity for observation and screening, I focus and enable immediate clarity and successful solutions. When attuning to a situation or person, I see through what is not flowing at all levels to arise naturally, be committed and in full force so that individuals and companies are supported. I have mastered working styles that offer a straightforward, result-oriented approach aimed at a total balance in line with the (un)conscious needs of my clients. In 2008 I experienced a profound change in my life’s vision as I learned more about the reorientation of the subconscious fields of consciousness.

Highlights Career
I have facilitated change management for multinationals, medium to small companies in business and lifestyle strategy, high-performance consulting and human resource management. Clients were the board of chiefs, managers, employees and entrepreneurs. I have developed into an experienced provider of success formulas so that policies could be developed and implemented to increase quality in entrepreneurship, cooperations, prosperity, meaning and individual health and well-being. For a comprehensive overview of my past work and education, please read my LINKEDIN resume.

Passions to commit to
Gain knowledge about the interaction between nutrition, body, health and well-being. Also stay fit and be enriched by an healthy diet, sports, dancing, walking in nature. It all has my loving attention. I like to be part of a multidimensional network. Especially if growing together to a higher level of consciousness and collaboration is a specialty. Traveling to other continents overseas such as Australia, Africa and Asia, and staying here longer, has been a part of my life. In addition, I have a passion for communicating in various forms, for example through channeling and being artistically creative. Key’s and doors to me are enthusiasm, open-mindedness, transparency, authenticity and sincerity. 

Lovely to meet you.

Heart greetings,
Sandra Adrienne Bucher
Golden Management Advice