The Inquiry

  • 22 augustus 2021

How can the Inquiry support you in your private life and work situation?
All of your questions can be answered in a self-examination. It supports you in gaining insight into where you get into resistance and still hold on to a story. It will be easier to listen to yourself, your feelings and body signals. You see through your resistance and how this expresses itself in your life. You become aware of deceptions, diversions and temptations, including undermining behavioral- and life patterns. It supports you to speak the truth about who you are, what you can do and what your heart is about. Your body can feel (more) free of cramping and tension. The desire for fulfillment might even be fully gone, because you can feel nourished from within. Can you imagine what this does to you and your life?

The Inquiry is a self-examination method in which you go into depth with a partner to receive answers to essential questions. One of the two is the questioner and the other answers for his own self-examination. In advance, a question is agreed, which the questioner repeats several times. This way the partner has the opportunity to experience the question on all levels. The roles then turn around and the questioner becomes the person who enters the self-examination. The chosen question is continually repeated for an even deeper experience at all levels, which can go beyond words, remain only with a physical experience or lead to stillness. During an Inquiry you listen as much as possible without judgment, interruption or paying attention to emerging thoughts. You sit opposite to each other and choose for a relaxed breathing, with the intention that you embrace the moment as it is. Breathing helps the body and the mind to relax and integrate the total experience. Watch the other. Breathe through any discomfort, stay focussed and in contact.

The essential question you could coördinate together. Four examples of questions that enable you to go into depth are:
– What is your basic need?
– What do you feel?
– What do you want to experience?
– What makes you thankful?

During the Inquiry you will focus. This is a sharpened perception, in which you can observe yourself through the method of mirroring and reflecting. A sharper focus is created by focusing your attention on one point. Here, in this sharpened perception, you can observe yourself. Evading or fleeing is almost impossible. Side issues disappear, as does the mental noise. The busy mind is seen through; your disbelief systems, and physical and mental defense programs relinquished. You will also perceive and feel your (un)conscious feelings and emotions. This process leads to the release of unwanted patterns and the processing of emotions and feelings.

Why would you start the day with an Inquiry?
Together you create a field of consciousness in which transparency, being sincere with yourself and each other, and open contact are central. It opens you on the deeper levels and it gives direction to your day.

I would like to encourage you to inquire as much as you can. Also, be welcome to ask support for knowing how to deepening your inquiry skills, for your self-examination. It brings quality in daily life and empowers relationships.

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