Would you like to catalyse a positive impact on your life?
I provide unique and effective coaching to facilitate you to upgrade your life or career. Working with me will be an experience you will not easily forget, as I surpass in service and results where other coaches have halted.

With all my devotion and love for people, I commit myself through my work and life to achieve the highest quality outcomes for my clients. I am supporting men and woman to live their purpose. Life goals might not have been reached – be it a promotion, a career, a more successful business or a relationship in the home situation. My job is to help you grow or to get you back on track; the path of your life’s purpose.

Do you have the career that you want? What is your happiness level? Your success level and the level of your fulfillment? Do you want to live more in health or balance? Would you like to feel more passionate about what you’re doing or generate more abundance?

In coaching you gain the awareness, tools and experience that will get you to your next level. We evaluate your situation and opportunities. You get the right focus to clarify and manifest your vision, mission and goals. These are the main keys to your continued success. Where necessary, we redesign your life into the life you have always wanted. I am dedicated to support you in realizing your mission.

Isn’t it time to reach your next level?
You can achieve anything in life if you are committed to a new outcome and become the best version of yourself! View others’ success stories on the website to get inspired by the possibilities for life and career change.

Heart greetings,

Sandra Adrienne Bucher (’82)

” Keep the balance and love for what you do to realize the life you always wanted “


1) A do it yourself course, on which I will be glad to tell you more about. More information will follow soon on the website.

2) A one-on-one coaching via Skype, Zoom, telephone and in person. You can choose from two packages.

3) The Intensive, a private self-development retreat, a one-on-one design with a minimum of 2 – to a maximum of 10 days. Every day you will receive my commitment and support in order to lift both yourself and your life to a higher level.

4) Intervision, an online group-oriented coaching. These meetings will take place online every month. You may join in the online coaching for a new awareness, new tools and experiences.


  • Socratic coaching: I will ask you essential questions that will support you for clear perspectives.
  • Unique screening capabilities: you will receive my point of view regarding yourself or any situation.
  • Provocative coaching: you will receive solid personal feedback.
  • Solution-oriented coaching: we will focus on the solutions and especially on: how can you instantly upgrade both yourself and your life?
  • Performance-oriented coaching: we will focus on a sustainable improvement of your presentations and results.


  • Creating more clarity in the mind to better focus energy toward projects
  • Learning how to balance your career and personal life.
  • How to use blocks, lessons and so-called failures to help your growth forward.
  • How to align your health with your working environment so as not to be operating from a state of stress and fear.
  • Discover what fears and blocks you have toward success and believing in yourself.
  • Discover what attachments you have that may be clouding your true nature and potential.
  • Learning to set realistic and timely goals that allow you to both love the process along the way and ultimately reach them without stress.
  • How to align your true values with your work life to feel both fulfilled and financially supported.
  • How to maintain or grow your position despite being hold back or undermined (by yourself, others) by the nature of your sexuality, male or female.
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